Magrath Store News (November 28, 1974)

An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content. PHONES: OFFICE 758-3033 GROCERIES 758-3535 DRY GOODS 758-3252 HAREWARE 758-3065 STORE HOURS: MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SAT...

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Main Author: Magrath Trading Store
Format: Journal/Newspaper
Published: J. A. Ririe 1974
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Summary:An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content. PHONES: OFFICE 758-3033 GROCERIES 758-3535 DRY GOODS 758-3252 HAREWARE 758-3065 STORE HOURS: MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY. ft AJf. to 6 P.M. WEDNESDAY . .ft A.M. to 1 PJ4. .MAGRATH, ALBERTA. SNO BOOTS PRICED AT . ñtuMitmnMuutuuimuiuuuinimHiiMivHHiiuiwniHtimMiimimiuiKiir Children’s "Stamper" Sno* Boots - just the thing for winter. 1295 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1974 Bros. Shirred Nylons with puffy sleeves see them soon. DRESSES-PANT SUITS j Same new arrivals in Ladies afternoon Dresses, Long Dresses, 1 Pant Suits. Lovely creations for the coming festive season. I New Blouses including floral Knits Xy Braiter . 25°° SWEAT EPS A new shipment of Avon knit Sweaters in a host of styles and pullovers as well as pullovers, turtle or PRICED colors - short sleeve populr Bell sleeve scoop necks. __t FROM N IGHTWEAR I Queentex Nightgowns in Brushed Nylon and Aniel in becoming styles - ideal f or Christmas gift giving. See also the smartly fashioned brushed nylon Pyjamas, tailored in solid pastel shades IIIIIUHIMUIIIIIM'llkllUik r? 95 PRIGED FROM WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A NEW SHIPMENT OF "TENDER TOOTSIE" FOOTWEAR. X MAGRATH SNOWMOBILE T KITS 14 piece Utility Snowmobile nr Automobile Kit. Contains sockets, flex handle, spark plug wrench, open end wrenches and multi screw driver with 6 different bits. A real __ -i - -i .--4- iiur+oiman. Complete in vinyl Ov&O ¿ase . . . . . With the new "Pop" Rivetool you need no anvil or hammering, no special skill required. You have a strong, neat fastening every time. Ideal for dozens of home and workshop repair jobs. Can be used in place of many ordinary fasteners ani in places where no other fastener can do the jok effectively. 4 models to choese from. $3.98 to $7»>5 set. FOUND: Green parka coat with orange lining, s ize 10□ Alice Harker, Ph. 758-32C6. FOR SALE: Two cute Chaws wa pups, 1 male, 1 female,, small house pup. Contact Shir J oy Godionton. 758—3'12. ATTENTION - St. Joseph’s Parishioners - tje first of monthly card jarties will be held at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Peter Kusz Satur­day, November 30th at 8 P.M, Convenor Lydia Triscli ur^es all adults to come and share in t he fun. NOTICE: Will the persons who took 2 microphones and a microphone stand from the Assembly Hall please return them to Elden Coleman or to the Hall? Thank you. NOTICE: Fer the month of December, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church will holo STEERING WHEEL COVER Mass at 9 À.M. Sunday morn­ings. Lace-on type of Steering Wheel cover, foam backed, ( sure grip vinyl. You can grip the steering wheel I' effectively ,,s,unimer„.„?x„,winter.„,.,ai-. .„„I,,,. ' CKETF S SHERMAN Spin Casting outfit ae T.V. Truly the new Fishing Tuv°u+,inu of An ideal gift for Dad. ONLY | Q Give Dad the 11 Pocket Fisherman" advertised on the Century. STEREO SEI ADMIRAL COMPONENT SET - features Jerard Record changer, 8 track Tape deck, AM/FM Radio; 4 speakers. Smartly styled Walnut stand, smoked fibreglass cover Qp on stereo. COMPLETE . . lL Cj Sb PORTA RTF. STEREO: Suitcase case with speakers in each end. Automatic player, a smart suitcase. When closed resembles ONLY. R.C.A. COMPONENT STEREO: smoked fibreglass cover, save space. Small compact Stereo with Compactly designed to ONLY . WALNUT STAND FOR ABOVE STEREO WE STILL HAVE SOME' SIMMONS MATTRESSES LEFT AT THE OLD PRICE. REGULAR $109»95® Mattress or Box Springs Mr. and Mrs. Gold Harker were in Magrath during the week­end visiting relatives and friends and attended the Miller - Taylor wedding reception Saturday evening. FOR SALE: Ladies figure skates, size £. Worn 3 times. Ph. 653-2176. FOR SALE: XX70 Poloroid Camera, used twice. $120 .CO A good Christmas gift, Ko.-lth Hunter, Ph. 758-6665 f NOTICE: W-> received a beaut­iful pendulum clock as a wedding gift but there was no card,. We would very much like to know who sent it to ‘Is SO Ur‘ — PAA r r,■ LT our thanks. Edith & Neal Miller. THANK YOU: We wish to thank everyone who attended and helped us celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary and made it such a happy event. Maxine & Ole Kraft, ADULT RECREATION CLASSES - will be held twice in Dec­ember only, Dec. 4th and Dec. 11th, cut off for Christmas and New Years, then resume January 8, 1975 Please check Little Gym any time Big Gym is in use on Recreation nights. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Chris­tensen and son of Idaho Falls, Idaho and Miss Donna Thomson of Rexburg, Idaho visted their parents Mr, and Mrs. Rulon Thomson dur- • ing the jiast week. MAGRATH TRADING COL."any ltd. DRY GOODS DEPT DOWN FiL LCD ✓ // ■ //•' Ladies nylen quilted ¿own-filled Jackets in assorted colors« Zipper front. SIZES: S. M. L. XL. REGULAR $49.95 /^l -TL, y-i -lit •: ~ to friends Ladies Nigh'1" "was in Nylon Tricot Peima-press Cottons, Snuggledowns in assorted colors. I73 Misses genuine leather Purses, shoulder strap style in assorted shades of Bronze, Dark Brown Light brown REGULAR $19.95 - $21.95 q 95 TO to SETS Nightgown with matching Feignior in Nylon Tricot __ and Brushed Orlono Friends are cordially invited to attend the wedding reception of our daughter Lavina and Roy Oler this Thursday evening, November 28tt in the Magrath Cultural Hall from 7 to 9 PJf. Swend and AQs ft •r i»d Jensen. THANK YOU: We wish to thank our many relatives and neighbors who helped in so many countless ways to make Edith and Nea: wedding day such a memorable event. David St Ida Taylor, Ken St Darlene Miller, Edith and Neal Miller, THANK YOU: We wish to thank everyone who were so kind to us in expressing sympathy, with acts of kindness and remembered us with prayers during our recent bereavement. May ■s'" b^ess y°Uo Mrs, Sophia Paluch & Family. 4 H CLUB REPORT The 4 H Club met Nov,, 20th at the home t>f Ch?" Fellger. Rory Sailer was chairman, Wayne Gurney led the pledge and roll call was the weights of calves. One minute Imp-r& mtu talks were given by Greg Letkeman, Monte Sailer and Randy Ripley. It was decided that the replacement date for calves by Mar<sh 1st. Mr. John Schneyder and Dan Gruninger made halt-f& r those who brought Some members decided to take 4 H Calf Insurance. Name signs will, be made Saturday, Dec. 7th, the next meeting will be held at the school December 11th at 7:30 P.M. Club Reporter Sherrilyn Letkeman. NOTICE: St. Joseph’s C.W.L. will hid their monthly meeting at the home of Mrs. Irene Gruninger Tues. Dec. 3rd at 7i3O P.M. with Mass at the home. Members are reminded to bring their can of food for roll call, also their Spiritual Bouquet forms filled out. NOTICE: please watch your dogs Thursdays after school when children are delivering the Store News. Thank you. News Office- I MAGRATH LU Yteu will find a g4«d stock <Jf Men’s Dress Shirts in Perma-Press Cottons, Briadcleths, as well as Dressy Knits, Plains and patterns. Included are Men’s White Iriss Shirts, and Western Dress Shirts Pullovers and PRICED FROM . l^00 1 t £? f * SWEATERS Men's Sweaters in Sleeveless Vests, Cardigans. Orlons, Blends and Wools in plain and fancy knits. Pullovers include Turtle necks, V neck and Crew neck styles. _ FRICED FROM.I I G? 0 0 to ^"9 J\ c 0 i><lll>llillllllllllilllHI>HllltlllUIU"l""lli> llllllillll"IHIIIIIilill.|l CHAMBER OF COMMERCE NEWS The C of C reminds residents tiwn and many of , Sheers Insurance or Harold Boucher or C.S, pick up your tickets early will have an idea how many • ■ ■ • of and area of the Appreciation Banquet Program honoring L.R. Jensen for his achievements in the field of Agriculture* The place is the Magrath Cultural Hall Friday, December 6th at 7 P.M. Tickets are $4,00 per plate, banquet under the direct­ion of the Second Ward Elders Quorum. Dr. Hough Horner, Alberta Minister Agriculture will be guest speaker. Tickets are available at the Civic Building, Drug Store see Jack Moors, Mat kin. Pleaue so the caterers to prepare forc • • • • Our book "Irrigation Builders" is here and going out as fast as possible. They will be good Christmas presents. The price is still $10 but postage charges must be added. We will mail them for $1.00f if you wish. The books are on sale at the Magrath | Trading Col Book Department also* : Magrath & Dist. History Assoc. 1 NOTICE: At is meeting Nov. 25, 1974, the Magrath Town Council unanimously endorsed I the efforts of the local Chamber of Commercé in sponsoring the L.R. Jensen ifrght Dec. 6, 1974. It is understood Deputy Premier, 1 the Honorable Dr. Hugh Homer will be guest | speaker. Council urges all citizens to attend this function honoring a lifetime resident of our community. Magrath Town Council. MAGRATH HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL IE A GUE SCHEDULE -• for the month of December: ’ Friday, Dec. 13th at L.CcIo Saturday Dec. 14th host Raymond, Game Times: 6:30 P.M. & 8 P.M. (A. Game) 1 Admission $1.00 Adults 75$ Students, Er. | 7--12 50$ Elementary Children. ’ We will publish a full, schedule next week. Vina c DRESS PANTS Western style Levi navy blue Denim Jackets. Snap button front All Sizes Men’s Levi Pants in Cord­uroys, Denims and Checks. Smartly styled, flare legit in the very latest colwra. ALL SIZES MEN’S FGRTREL KNIT DRESS PANTS IN A HOST 1 OF PATTERNS - CHECKS, PLAIDS, STRIPES. Peg- I ULAR COL9RS. A (GOOD SELECTION OF STILES ■ TOO INCLUDING THÈ POPULAR WIDER WAIST BAND. | ■ r- 19^ REGULAR $24.95 biffi«' "UHI IlHHUH"!. 1HH|fMiHIIIH««ffHM«f««f«fii«"i«««"««'«fUH«"fi,»«"””*”»”»«fM«’»«'«”’l r SIZES: 36 Light Blue Thrown knit ¿re ss re- III t,' " y NOTICE: For the past several / l years the Magrath Town Council ' has been trying t«» obtain a Senior Citizens Housing Eev— ' elopnent for our Town. We xt' 121 rece-tpt of an inquiry from Provincial Government as to which . « of Senior Citizens Reusing cur - .vr Citizens would prefer. _The folltwing is a part of the letter ed: There are three basic types cf de­. -gn that are suitable 6c a town of the size nagrath. The choice of one vf these is j.he discretion of the applicant and the -•reference of local senior citizens. The enoice of any of these precipitates differ­ent lane requirements with respect to size . a site. Therefore, in nepy-cases there ns a certain degree of trade-off between pre-xCrred design type and preferred location’, athose designs requiring the largest ameunt cf land are most difficult to locate clcse to central amenities. These two aspects of lccation and types .uld be considered jointly by applicants '«fc-re making a final choice of either. 1. Duplex type arranged in a project thus creating a type of senior citizens village, -his requires the largest amount &f land as ac least one lot is required for each duplex. j-c an alternate to village concept, where a nijmber of adjacent duplexes form a coherently ^andscaped project, individual duplexes couU ie scattered on vacant lots throughout the ->''mmunity. " 2. Apartment Rowhousing- Individual apart-ent sized suite- « part of one building •• il suites and )jaw entrance and lo^CeSftor^rbSlSS f also contains amenities such as lounge, rec? = c-mpact i?Cdli^leS+kni laundiy area. More lSEe tn/ is easier tci 3 Multi%iyPe proximity of downtown. 7s °rey Up to four stor-eleya’ 7orT^Ssic^uite similar to flS' and bSit- 7 COntai21 Portion on ground '.ore 4 bJSn !S UPP3r fl6Ors’ Central * no ’'aun«tldM 1&ungei recreation areas] T J auneuy. Most compact in density, require! lana' there* gSatSt I ■ of central location. | -jJ^jCitizens 7re herebM requested to I ?rief no6e to the Town Office stating! •ur cnoice of the type of housing offered -§ = = JTvltiiXq+yPe\ 2‘ Apartment ftow-housin , Multi-Story Apartment. I is very important that we have y.ur '.'it uon replies before December 15, 1974, H.C. Poulsen, Municipal Sec. Treasurer. Mach“e’portable ■ ib'^e whlch «* -nas_. with more or less of pain? L Men’s two piece Dress Suits in three handsome styles. Navy Blue Herringbone knit with navy ‘blue suede trim. Fawn knit, knit or Dark in twd smart styles» to 44 mtinin SPORTJACKETS Men’s Sport Jackets in an handsome assort­ment *f Checks arid Plaids. Background shades cf Brown, Sand, Navy, _ Blue. REG. $45.»0 to $#.D0 Q A 00 . . INSULATED EACH Men1s Insulated Underwear, qiiltei nylon shells with fibrefil insilation. Chicilate Brown. Pants and Jacket r ■tx WORK PARKAS Sturdy Cotten •rill Work Parkas with heavy zipper opening, attached parka hood. Two large patch pock­ets. 1850 |g95 W»0L FELT BOOT LINERS FOR BOOTS, OVERSHOES, etc. $4.95 or. \ X \ \ \ « • 1 i j f I MAGRATH Tr AD ING COM, ANY LTD DRY GOOD Beautifully designed Gift Wrap for wrapping Christmas parcels- Assorted designs and color3. our lovely array of quality Christmas Carets '/ ?r on display <. A very nice selection of boxea — J50 R ibbons &Rows Cello packs of Bows, Bows and matching Ribbons, etco in assorted colors and fashions. Makes these packages pretty. ¿JQA m £¿'3 PRICED FROM 375 DEPT. The 6th annual pre-season basketball tournament was held in Magrath Friday and Saturday* November 22 and 23rd with 8 teams Competing. Friday C.C.H.S. Cougars teat Sto Mary’s Warriors. Then Cardston Cougars defeated Taber Trotters after which Magrath and Stirling played with Mag” rath winning, Next and final game for Friday night saw W.C.H.S. Bulldogs defeat L.CiT* Rams. In Saturday’s games St. Maryg de­feated Stirling, L.&.I. beat Taker, L.C.I. won over St. Mary’s 36-23. Magrath defeated C.C.H.S., Cardston won over W.C.H.S. anh. in the final Cardston defeated Magrath to win the championship. In the cheerleading competitions, Cardston won this trophy also. Five "all star" awards were given to Don ïul.1. and Walter Aimsworthy of Cardston, Roman Ksiasek of Catholic Central, Perry Mirkovich bf Winston Churchill and Tcm Alston of Magrath. The next games will be played in Magrath Saturday, November 30th with exhibitions games with Coaldale. Game times 6*30 and 8 P.M. December 6th Cutbank, Montana will visit Magrath. Game times 6:30 & 8 P.M. c. BUBBLE BATH .7 quid Bubble Bath, also Bubble Path Beads in attractive packs for Christmas gift giving-, O *> O • • 0 o GIFT SETS ttle Miss" gift sets of I’.^ble Bath, Colognes, lotions in gift packs VANITY SETS Three piece Vanity Sets - Mirror, Comb and brush sets in feminine Rose shade. REGULAR $4-95 set . ■< iH lM IllliH H H iH Ilij GIFT SETS .'.•■ace MatchebelTj. Gift Sets for the lacy on your f/ list - Colognes, Perfumes, Lotions, Creme ."'.'hets . z-x r/*•' GGBT PACKAGED. J TO liHlIIHtllllllHItllilHIMIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIillllllltlllllitlllllllUUllhHIIIIIIIIIIIIIiHltllliltlllllllHflllllHIIIIIIIIIIIIIilllimtlllltllilillllllHHlIIHe JEWEL BOXES • • • • The regular meeting of the Magrath Lions Club was held Wednesday, November 20th. This took the foim of a business meeting. It was pointed out that the gravel and soil had not been removed from the playground lot, this will be attended to in the near future. The drive for contributions for the Blind will be organized in the next few weeks• Mr. R.C. Train of Whiskey Gap will be the guest speaker at Ladies Night Wed. December 4th. He had some most interesting experiences in the Old Country. We think food is high, come and hear about living costs in the "Old hand". _ • • • • Christopher Paluch passed away suddenly in Lethbridge, Saturday, Nov. 16th at the age of 39 years. Survivors include his wife Diane, two sons, his mother Mrs. Sophia Paluch of Magrath, sister and brother-in-law June and Mike Budzko ani two nephews all of Magrath. Funeral services were held in Martin Bros. Chapel Wednesday, Novanber 20th with interment in Mountain View Cemet­ery. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Miller and family of Grand Prairie are visitors this week at the home of his parents Mr, and Mrs. Ken Miller. SEE THE NEW ARRIVALS IN SWEATERS Upstairs. r « i K I WHOLE Ì49 Al REEF 4 V7 TOP ROUND DzK L(n (—S 1L— -7TA z^?x j// h eg 89 _ "'•"MIIHIIIIIIIIinHMIUHIHIIIIIIUtllll [SKINLESS SAUSAGES™™. „ &3C i . —.—. . .j 23rd in."V »olemni.e< in the Alberta Temple, Cardston Saturday, November St. For her ¿eddin8 day'b'“o2 aThir^St^Xter Karen as maid of _ Fi^[ X1XXS Sbauna^avlor Marker and SheJaX^ Neil Reed. Allan Miller Derrel Tavlor -nd Ti** n"^? ^^t Morton an& groomsmen were Pruce Mustard. 1 T d J Newton* bearer was the groom’s nephew -,u ftlSJZ ?innei201’ rejfi^eS and C1°Se friends was held “ the Magrath Cultural ’.Iola Mill^wereei^ecS?fe^fhthr*rt^nd MrS‘ MirLer as hosts. Mrs. Ruth Hovey and Mro-n_~ T ¿Z T -n charge of the dinner assisted by Mesdames Garda Law 4udrev R-i r-i a '■--zitSrSe^ikZ^ M-otby Woefait^d SthI glSan Carolyn Ririe with Md Car°1 Johnson “d Ad“ Host and hostess for the evening were Mr. and Mrs. Rav Mustard Th a a, f+ ** “* « S3f&T ^be0* in charge of Mrs, Betty Harris and a number of friends, and was ® Spenf:er' Dedan ^erilyn Atwood and Jane Leishman. The attractive -.orations were in charge of Mrs. Melva Christensen and assistants. The bride and groom will make their home in Calgary. 2arier P^ss®- aw?-y Monday, November 25th at the age of 87 years. Bom in &“4S7; he t0 Penticton> B-C- in 1911. In 1915 he married Eva ” ? JuJy 9927 he and hls fann-v came t0 Wagi^th, where he started in the ‘ 1010x21 throughout the South for his dealership in Ford cars, for ’ h MStr a?° ^tegrity. He sola his garage business to his s-n Phillip in 1955, •'•he hosoiteirboa^epn?n ?g^th Town Council, was mayor of Magrath in 1*941, was a member a -4 mpXi nF +h T- instramental in acquiring the present hospital. He was an •CTvPrt S m Dru^r °hurchi chairman cf the Church Board ani was an Elder. He is <• Tom (Nora) Moi“w oT^onton?6 H’1UiP’ tW° dau«htere Mrs- Frank F°rth and Funeral services will be held in Martin Bros. Chapel Friday afternoon, November 29thr . >TICE; Men’s Curling Club Final Work night - Friday, November 29th, 7 P.M. -J MAGRATH RADING COMPANY LTD, BURNS I.BEEF. STEW. II CHUNK TUNA STARKIST 6¿ ez. . SOUP MIX L A W N Y S 3 CHICKEN NOODIE 2 pack 2/6901 1 FRUIT COCKTAIL ANGEL CAKE MIX 2/9501 '-‘.CÖ DUNCAN HINES XJ Z7 V | 180 BLUE BONNET 3# Pkg. A A "> READY CUT (CREAMETTES 2#) U B 2# - QUA KER 16 ez </ MANDARIN ORANGES 9# Lvx MAC APPLES ECONO PACK INK GRAPEFRUIT - 56« s NEW CABBAGE CALIFORNIA lb. 270 ib.79C