Magrath Store News (February 17, 1956)

An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content. PHONES? Office 21, Hardware 34,. Groceries 4.Dry Goods 124. FRTnAY, FEBRUARY 17TH. MAGRATH, ALBERTA.» IATEST COLORS n j- , n OiA & D...

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Main Author: Magrath Trading Store
Format: Journal/Newspaper
Published: J. A. Ririe 1956
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Summary:An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content. PHONES? Office 21, Hardware 34,. Groceries 4.Dry Goods 124. FRTnAY, FEBRUARY 17TH. MAGRATH, ALBERTA.» IATEST COLORS n j- , n OiA & DESIGNS.per card X 2. Belt Buckles IN THREE COLORS, blacky red, white.each. 20/ 3. Terry Toweling BUY IT BY THE YARD 60^ Indian. Blankets . 32.95 4. Ti cki ng FOR boil-proof, color-proof ATTRACTIVE BORDER AT EACH El© .THE LATEST THING PILLOWS, down-proof, featherporoof, “ HAS AN 79/ .FOR MAKING CUSHIONS. 18" wide.yd. 55/ 6. Playtex LI VING Gloves . .SAVE ON ROUGH RED HANDS. USE FOR ALL HOUSEHOLD CHORES. 31. 49 5.Huck Toweling A REAL VALUE Linens.FOR ATTRACTIVE DRESSES, blouses, etc. Red, green, blue.,yd. 08/ Tea Toweling. .IN WHITE LINEN 18" WIDTH. . Regular Si.00 per yd. Special 69/ BUY MAKE SEE THE APRON WITH THE HANDY TOWEL ATTACHE! MATERIAL IN SEVERAL DESIGNS & COLORS.79tf TOWEIS IN SEVERAL COLORS. 29/ Nylon Tricot Slips each WITH. RED OR BLUE BORDERS — — H, — — - PERFECTLY PLAIN, NO IACE. SIZES 34 and 36. The following lines are from "The Truce of the Bear" written by Rudyard Kipling in 1898. Apparentljr he was able to see present day situation in relation to "Russian" Bear. "When he shows as seeking quarter, With paws like hands in prayer, That is the time of peril - The time of President Eisenhower isn't taking chances, the Truce of the Bear". our the any NOTICE© The Honored Guest Party will be held Wednesday, February 22nd in the Assemb­ly Hall, Honored guests will be called for at 5:30 P.M. The banquet will be served at 6:00 P.M. Program will commence at 7:30 P,M. All married folk are welcome to attend the program and modern and western dancing. Honored guests include EVERYONE 60 years of I age and over, widows and widowers. The Honored Guest Committee, NOTICE: their regular monthly meeting Matkin home Monday evening at Myrtle MMtkin and June Jasman ‘A lesson in First Aid will be IEveryone welcome. Myrtle Matkin, Sec The Evening Auxiliary will hold at the C,S, 8 P.M. with as hostesses given. Thursday, Feb. 9th, the Magrath High School band, under the direction of Grant Erickson presented their first band concert of the current year. The band wc.s aided by Delbert Oler of Raymond who played the tuba. Miss Wilma Hogenson of Stirling appeared as guest pianist and played three very enjoyable num-i --- bers, Tne Malagueña, Fatasic Impromptu, and ¡NOTICE: The Sunday School Magrath Community a Chopin noxtume. IT"‘ --- --- • and command of the instrument was very much enjoyed by the audience ed by all young pi'./ ■> Several members of the band, presented ths first part of the program which was ably done and well received. After intermission the band presented six cl WclJ_ijZ $ cl a finale to the The band was in to be congratulated on efforts. Her very i me technique Birthday Calendars take effect on February rument was.^ch i3t 1956. Calendars may be obtained from and certainly auair-gue saea or Brewerton at the office undent in attendances^ pebraary llth for 75^ eachj if you Calendars may be obtained from credit- a short numbers tone including three marches, poem, and an overture as evening's entertainment, good form and are their individual Personnel of the band follows: Clarinets- Brent Ririe, Richard Tanner, Ganske, Dudley, Tanner, Burke Hamilton, Judy Hamilton, Marion Robin­son, Dana Dudley, Irene Hocking, John Tanney Dwight Ganske, and Joanne Duffield. Trom­bone- Lynette Smith,baritone, Alan Rusler Bb bass, Rita Larson, bass drum, Betty Ann Tanner, Eb tuba, Delbert Oler. The next i r.’On v» Yi r4 r-. 4-4- ■V* V«-. v\ /I <-» /-> 4- t r— ”1 "1 1, — I—*-**“• j L&UU V ’ presented near the end of April. Watch for the date. ________________________________________________I NOTICE: The Magrath Local of the Farmers' Union will be meeting in the United Church Hall Friday evening, Feb. 24th at 7:30 P.M. The guest speaker will be G. Dallas Minion, Dist. 14 Director, who has just attended the Provincial Board Meeting. There will be door prizes, all members in good standing to be eligible. See that your membership paid before that date. Membership now stands at 100 adults. Geo. T. Dudley, Pres. have not already paid for them. Remember you must have a calendar so you may know the benefits you receive if your name is ¡listed on the calendar. Sue Saga. ' 'Ison, Allen Fletcher, Robert and Joan Christensen. Trumpets-Brian Sharon Harker, Bob Neilson, Alan Ken Crookstoh, Robert Harker,Craig Floyd Harris and Rad Whitt. Saxes- NOTICE OF NOMINATIONS - Town of Magrath. Public notice is hereby given that I will attend at the Town Hall, Magrath on Monday, ¡the 20th day of February, 1956 from 11 o’ cl- lockin the forenoon until 12o* clock noon, ■ for the purpose of receiving nominations of candidates for the office of mayor for the next ensuing two years, for the office of ¡councillor for the next ensuiing three years for the office of School Trustees for the Magrath School Distric, No. 620, and for nominations for a member of the board of the Magrath Municipal Hospital. Given under .my hand at Magrath, Alberta, this 14th day ¡¡of February, 1956. J.S. Steele, Returning Officer. j ¿LOST: Brown zipper leather wallet. ' Elwood Gurney is NOTICE: The Rod and C-un Club are their annual meeting in the Town FRIDAY February 17th at 7:30 P.M. from the delegates will be heard. H,G, Hillmer, Pres, FOR SALE; Chickens. Simon Seniec FOR SALE: 1 building suitable for garage. Nick Nykyfourk. 1 bl. east Ellisons or. NOTICE:The Magrath Local Beet hold their annual meeting and Feb. 21st at the Town hall at Cyrus Card, Sec. Growers will lunch Tues. 2 P.M. FCR SATE: one stack of wheat straw, and 1st cutting of alfalfa, hay. Cyrus Card. FOR SALE:: 100 Bushel of Chinook seed wheat J. Navratil, Phone R5O3. holding Hall, Reports FOUND: Hom rimmed glasses near the C.P.R, station. Owner may pick them up at the station. Mrs. C,L. Burkett NOTICE: Commencing Monday, February 20th at 7:30 P.M. in the First Ward Church, reg­ular genealogy work shop classes will be , held. All interested are welcome to attend. Della Holloday, instructor, ■ Geo. T. Dudley and L. R. Jensen and”wives returned via Utah, LOST: 1 white boot at Assembly Hall Tues, night. Donna Bohnet,_______BEEF CHUCK ROASTS LEAN.per lb. 390 PORK LOIN CHOPS. TàSTI.per lb.490 PORK SHOULDER ROAS IS.per ».320 VEAL RIBS TO STEW per lb 280 PURE PORK SAUSAGE per lb 420 SMOKED SALMON CHUNKS ,per lb 550 Ila Poulsen and Bernice And- A Sunshine party honoring 4-6 guests was given Wednesday afternoon in the Assembly Hall Banquet Room. Stella Karren and Ireta Matkin were in charge of a delicious, tasty dinner with Gen Sabey and Leora Christensen assisting. The hall and tables were beauti­fully decorated in e. Valentine motif by Grace Fletcher, erson. Margaret Leishman acted as Mistress of Ceremonies for the following program: Community singing; Accordian sol« - Amy Spen­cer; Vocal Duet - Lillian Taylor and Della Hclladay acccmpanied by Freda Fletcher; Pihnc duet- Gladys Duffield and Marge E.lderson; Tap dance - Marion Robinson; Vocal Solns - Jeanine Wilde Jensen of Haymond; Instrumental trio - Vir. inia Wilde, liar^e Balderson accompr-Pro£J’am opened with the singing of 0 Canada anied by Maude Ririe, Vocal solo - Gean Wheel^T02“ Tanner gave the speech of welcome er acccmpanied by Afton Keeler; Tap dance - Sharon Harker accompanied by Gladys Duffield; Skit - "Thick and Thin" with Adele Coleman, Amy Spencer, and Margaret Loishm^-n participa­ting. A very enjoyable afternoon was had by all. NOTICE: All those interested in establish­ing this municipality as a Brucellosis (BANGS) Free area, contact Shelton Ririe or Jack Hocking. There must be a 2/3 majority of cattle owners in ftivor of such an area. Shelton Ririe. Mr. and Mrs. L.A.C.O. Hunt of Fort Smith, N.W.T, were recent guest of Mr. and Mrs^- C.S. Matkin. Mr. Hunt is the Government­Administrator of the North West TerrittfMiSs Mr, and Mrs. Matkin entertained in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Hunt Thursday evening. Guests present were Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rusler. Mr. and Mrs. N.E. Blaxall, Mr. and Mrs. James Blaxall, Mrs. Stella Karren and Mr» Tom Perry. The annual Firemen's Banquet was held Tues day evening in the Elrancho Dining Room with some forty guests attending. All ladles were presented with corsages. Frank Sabey lias chairman for the evening. The followed by the introduction of Fire Chief Short by Denzil Colemn. Ann Blumell pre­sented an accordian solo, and L.B. Tanner a voleal solo. Ken Bindley proposed the toast to the firemen with Vic Bohnet re­sponding. Fire Chief Short concluded the evening with an interesting and informative talk. NOTICE: A Valentine party for all members of 150th Quorum of Seventy and their part­ners will be held Saturday night at 8 P.M. in the Assembly Hall Banquet Room. Doue Barker, WIFE ALONG Mrs. Lizadore Crookston and Mrs. Mary Dud­ley were joint hostesses at a Valentine party at the home of the former Monday eve­ning, Decorations and party refreshments were along the Valentine motive, A delic­ious chicken dinner was enjoyed by Mesdames Lasca Jensen, Lottie Harker, Nellie Ririe, Ila, Poulsen, Grace Fletcher, Venessa Hamil­ton, Lida Poulsen, Blanche Merkley, May Sabey, Allie Robinson, Vada Brown, Iola Harker, Mazie Toomer, and Cleo Ririe. Mrs. Eva Jferie Harker, Mrs. Maxine Bridge and Miss Maureen Brown served. Highlight of the evening was the reading of valentine verses which had been composed on home- valentines brought by the guests. Mr. and Mrs. George Gillett and s’on Donny of Lethbridge were Sunday visitors at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hillmer,. \ FO A LL KIN DS Ok INLAID LINOLEUM- 6 CCNGOLEUM - grey CONGOLEUM - grey / V V I --- ' \ I I I I --- I \ PASSENGER TIRES - - WINTER CLEAT TIRES. SIZE - 670 x 15. REGULAR.$29.95 SPECIAL. 670x15 TUBELESS. REGULAR.$33.75 SPECIAL. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Baxter entertained the following at a delightful Valentine party at their home Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs Don Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pashuk, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Vollendorf, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Elliot Mr. and Mrs. Lee Meldrum, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hillmer, The games and refreshments which were along a valentine motive were much enjoyed by all. When some people ask for advice, they merely want an endorsement for something foolish they’ve already done. THE MAGRATH TRADING COMPANY LIMITED Enjoy an RCA Victor Televi si on set,- easy terms available* THE TOWNSMAN - 21" model offering DEEP IMAGE performance.$259.00 THE BROCKTON - wonderful extras on this 21 " DEEP IMAGE model. New spot illuminated turner dial, 3-point tone control,.$359.£0 THE HURON - 17" table model, exceptionally low priced. ,$204.00 Matching fixed or swivel stand available at slight extra cost. THE ERROL - 17" model ideal for the smaller living room. Has new DEEP IMAGE,.$269.95 LINOLEUM R LMN ANTS PICK-UP^STICKS-INLAID, 6 feet BATHROOM WALL COVERING - blue, x 12 feet $16.75 6feet x 6 feet $2.95 and black check,. --- $18.75 grey with red feet x 4i‘ yds 2-tone squares - 12 feet $7.95 2~tone squares - 16 feet $8.70 > HAMMOND SPRING FILLED MATTRESS FOAM RUBBER PADDING, CAREFUL OVERALL CONST­RUCTION FOR A LONG WEARING MATTRESS REGULAR. $59.50 SPECIAL GUEST ROCKERS PLATFORM STYLE ROCKERS THAT ROCK GENTLY ON A STATIONARY BASE. SPRING FILLED SEAT. WOOL FRIEZE UPHOLSTERY IN COLORS ^ROSE, B LUE A ID GREEN. $34•50• THE MAGRATII TRADING COMPANY LIMITED. SHOWS AT THE PARK THEATRE THIS WEEK ARE: Friday and Saturday, Feb. 17th and 18th- ROAD TO DENVER starring John Payne, Mona Freeman, and Lee J. Cobb. Monday, Tuesday February 20th and’21st, KING RICHARD AND THE CRUSADERS with Rex Harrison, Virginia bfayo, and George Sanders.- In -cinemascope. Wednesday and Thursday, February 22 Si 23rd FOOTSTEPS IN THE FOG starring Stewart Gran­ger and Jeen Simmons. Technicolor. Mrs. Orton Minor of Lethbridge was a week end guest at the home of her son and daugh­ter- in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Minor. p See the.counter on,dis CORDUROY. .CHILD'S CORD­UROY 2 PIECE ROMPER. Pants have imitation fly and are plastic lined. Blue with white trim. .18 mos.$3.98 N Y LO N .OR LON NYLON AND ORLON ROMPERS. HAVE TWO PAIR play at OF BUTTON-ON PANTIES. PLASTIC LINED, KNITTED, BANDS. COLORS - yellow & blue. SIZE«* 12-18 mos. $2.98 Mrs Dorothy Bennett was hostess to her club Wednesday evening. A Chinese supper was served to the following^ Mesdames Peggy Harker, Ruth Rice, Jean Coleman, Atha Peterson, Audrey Ririe, Bernice Anderson, Pearldean Jensen, Harriet Strate, Marilyn Neilson, Mary Johnson, Ruth Knight and Darlene Miller. Mrs, Lloyd Ririe of Provo, Utah is I.ODDLERS. OVERALLS OF CORDUROY IN PIAIN OR PRINTED. COLORS - pink, blue, red, nile. $1.98 and $2.98 BOYS CARDIGANS BOYS' NYLON V - NECKED CARDIGANS. HAVe'a ROW OF FANCY STITCHING INSERTED ABOVE BAND. SIZES - - 4 - 6 YEARS . COLORS - red, copen. #2.9 Perk up in a new . cotton, house dress. A few new ones have been the rack. . . . . . •••". . JUST ARRIVED BABY DRESSES BABY ROMPERS visiting friends and relatives in Magrath and is the guest of her son­in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Anderson. THIS WEEK'S HOSPITAL PATIENTS ARE: Mrs. Ada Leishman, Mrs. Sahara Ehlert, Miss Idell Toomer, Rbnald Flaman, Murray Scott, Mrs. Carel Navratil and son, Frank Bauer, Einor Jorgensen (Twin Rivers) Bill Wheeler and Neil Bourne. SEE THE ASSORT-Mrs. Ireta Matkin entertained in honor of Mrs. L.A.C.O. Hunt of Fort Smith, N.W.T., Thursday afternoon. Guests present were Mrs. LaVaun Thomson, Mrs. Kathleen Anderson of Milk River, Mrs. Nola Watts, Mrs. Jim Blaxall, Mrs. Myrtle Matkin and Mrs, June Matkin. A tasty lunch was served by the hostessi MLNT OF BABY GIFT WRAP AND BABY CARDS NYLON STRETCHIES IN THE LATEST COLORS AND DESIGNS.$1.00 to $1.50 pr, MCGREGOR HAPPY FOOT SOCKS. 89$i & MEN’S WHITE COUNTRY CLUB (Forsyth).$4.95 MEN’S ARROW DRESS SHIRTS in pastel shades of PINK, YELLOW, BLUE, HELIO, etc. ’ $4.95 Little Miss Barbara Minor celebrated her sixth birthday with a party at her home Sunday afternoon. Guests present were 1a- Vern, Grant, and Leona Jasman, Barry and Beverly Owens, Dorothy Ann and Linda Robin­son, Helen Jean and Ronnie Hillmer. A del-icous party lunch was served by her mother, Mrs. Dorothy Minor. Barbara received many nice gifts. Miss Ann Toomer, nurse-in-training of Edmonton is enjoying a two-week holiday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Toomer 1, o Speci al MEN’S 100% WOOL V - NECK CARDIGANS.$5.95 MEN’S V - NECK PULLOVERS IN TAN, WINE aAND BLUE IN BLUE AND WINE BROADCLOTH WITH WHITE PIPING.,. $4.95 KL'So SHIRTS DRAWERS <3 'pl. 2 5 $1.45 FORSYTH ” Cameo ” CUFF LINKS REGLIAR.$4-50 SPEC SALE A LIMITED QUANTITY OF CHILDREN’S SHOES. REGULARS TO $5.95 MEN’S DRESS OXFORDS. / y BOYS DRESS SHIRTS The home of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kormos was the scene of a gay surprise party Friday evening to celebrate their anniversary . Mr. and Mrs. Louis Triscli, Mr. and Mbs. Steve Chaby, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gruninger, Sr., Mr. Joe Popp and daughter, Mb. and Mrs John Bibo, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kosma, Mrs. Frank Bauer and Mr. and Mrs. Kormos enjoyed an evening of dancing with music supplied by George Gruninger and Frank Triscli. A silver tea service was presented to Mb, and Mrs. Kormoss Mr. Stanley Toomer was a week-end visitor in Calgary, the guest of his son and daugh­ter- in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Toomer. Mr. Douglas Alston and Miss Hope Alston of Lethbridge were week-end guests at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Alston. Dad: "You mustn’t pull the cat’s tail." Sonny:"I'm only holding it. The cat’s nulling." THE MS.GRA.TH TRADING COMPANY LIMITED. 11 A Good Place to Trade " « the I.B.L, George Navratil - . ' * THE JOHN DEERE DAY. tractor vas set to run in a circle. The SATURDAY FEBRUARY 17th & 18th A prize was $2.75. (Two tins of Miracle Power^ To win the prize you had to guess how long the tractor would run on 6 quarts of diesel oil. George’s guess was 3 hours, 13 minutes and 13 seconds. He missed it by three seconds. George said it was no guess. It was brain work. Sixty men entered the contest. i LOST; 1 pair of horn rimmed glasses Alan Dudley these at the NOTICE; The Couples Club will meet in the United Church Hall Thursday evening, Feb. 23rd. Entertainment will take the form of a Square Dance with Gordon Deglow as caller There will be novelty dances, prizes a.nd a good time is assured. Get a partner and 00 present at 8 P.M, i L couples rre cordial­ly invited to attend. Lunch will be served. The Amusement Committee. The first game of basketball playoffs took place in the Magrath gym Wednesday evening with the Magrath squad hosting the Lethbridge Green Acres. Score - Magrath Rockets 69, Green Acres 51. Jim Matkin was high man with 19 points, Wes Rice had 18 points and Cal Alston 14, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gruninger Jr. entertain-in honor of Mrs. Irene Heck Wednesday even­ing on the occassion of her birthday. Guests present were Mr. and Mrs. & Mrs. Frank Brown, LaMar Mrs Soren Sorensen,Mr. B On Saturday, Feb. 11th the M.H.S. Curling Club held their first Eonspiel. Only Mag­rath High School and Spring Coulee clubs participated.First place was won bjj Ken Christensen’s rink made up of Ken, David Rusler, Dorothy Johns and Deanne Anderson. Runner up was the Jerry Malmberg rink of Spring Coulee consisting of Jerry, Janice Gurley, Sharon Bunton and Winnie Thompson. The trophies will be presented to winning rinks, Friday, Feb. 17th. High School FRIDAY AND SATURDAY FEBRUARY 17TH and 18TH. _ti ^i. .2 bottles zor. • * Walnut Pieces.i#. 750 Sauer Kraut . 28 oz. tins. Stuffed Olives LIBBY’S . 250 980 12 oz, botele ï Ï Bovril. .2 oz. btle a Ï Macaroni. i .BABY SHELL. Pineapple LIBBY’S.48 oz., Jui ce .750 ' Pineapple Çerushed) | LIBBY1S.,20 OZ.3 for. . 950 i Colgate Soap .hand soap .4 bars for.,. .290 Colgate Tsoth Paste . .2 tubes for.490 Vel. .large size.2 for«.35^ Palmolive Soap. .BATH SIZE 250 ,2 bars for Potted Meat PURITAN 5 tins for ' TOOTH PASTE t : 3 T 3 14 oz. LISTERHE PASTE FREE.95^ 1 tube ANTIZÏME 9 450 FRESH • Z / t S MC DÎTOSH FANCY» . . ¡52.98 Gt ap e f rui t. .florida pink. 8O's.3 ffoorr. . 390 Delta Rice LONG GRAIN 2 lbs. 420 Millet Spray . 2 for. . BROCKS. .33£ PRODUCE i . | Cabbage. .NEV/, .firm. .a lb. 100 ■| --- --- -- --- --- ¡Onions .COOKING.,.3#. j I Celery., .2# 250 350