Magrath Store News (September 7, 1956)

An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content. Phones: Office 21. Groceries 4 Hardware Dry Goods 34 124 FRHAï/SSEPTMEER 7TH, 1956 MCGRATH, ALBERTA SCHOOL SHOES FOR THE THEN-AGE CROWD...

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Main Author: Magrath Trading Store
Format: Journal/Newspaper
Published: J. A. Ririe 1956
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Summary:An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content. Phones: Office 21. Groceries 4 Hardware Dry Goods 34 124 FRHAï/SSEPTMEER 7TH, 1956 MCGRATH, ALBERTA SCHOOL SHOES FOR THE THEN-AGE CROWD AND FOR THE SI ALL FRY TOO, SCHOOL SHOES ALL THE START GIRLS PENNY LOAFERS - PRICE IlAINGE.$4.95 to $7.50 LO-TOP COLLAR TRIHTIE - hi-wll welt,- foam sole and heel, medium Wdth. . 4«95 LACE SADR IE OXFORD .PRICE RANGE. $4,95 to $7.50 ED. CRINOLINES --- CRINOLINES --- CRINOLINES SEE OUR ARRAY OF CRIIIOLIinES. BE PREPARED FOR THE SOCIAL SEASON AIIEM. NYLON CRIIIOjO. LINES WITH LACE AND RIBBON TRIM. SIZES KIDDIES LINED CORDUROY JEANS - ELASTIC ALL AROUND WWAST. SIZES 2 - 4-6 YRS. COLORS-Wli- NE, BREEN, BROWN, RED.$2.98 KIDDIES LINED CORDUROY JACKETS - kiit cuffs and bands. SIZES -3-4” 5”6 yrs, COLORS - RED,,ROYAL, BROWN, WIIE.$3.79 INFANTS 2 Pc. ROMPER SETS IN VELVET WITH / □ Patients in the 111^0^1 Hooppt-al this week include: Hr, William Scoot, M*, N, E. BlaeidH, ilr.1:, Lillian Minor, hr, Adn Leisiroan, Ms. Ann Lately, Mrs, Jim Salberg nnd to. by, Ms. Varge Bennet, hr, Ririe, Ms, Hillmer, Mr Herman Hohn of Magrath has received word, Sept. A of the passing of his eldest sister Ms. Alvina 0’Conner of Vancouver after n short illness. She is survived by her husband George ^’Comnr; one son Douglas of Vancouver; one sister Mi!. Tippeet of Nanaimo, B, C. and one brother ^^^nan John of Langr-tli. Funeral services will be held at Vannouver. J FOR SALE: U dining room suite in very i' good condition, a set of dishes almost new, a mouton fur coat and a few old hen5. Mrs. Davie Whhtt. FOR SALE: Registered karkov winter vlhat sacked and sealed. $1.75 Phone RZ.02. Ralph Arndt. KINDERGARTEN - "Mom tie, whdt can I do?" Do you have that trouble? Is your child restless and does he want to go to school? Come and have clnnuUt:■.tiln with me, I have some excellent remedies - every morning from 9:30 to 11:30 Monday through Friday. Phone Ho. 7. Mrs. Gean Whhller. FOR SALE: Wiener pigs» Joe Mize^er WANTED: Transpooiration for the new dancing teacher to Lethbridge every Sat­urday in the late alterno. n or evening Phone 182. FOUND: Hub cap for Chev. car Elsie Murraùy .• Miss Beverly Seward and friend of Edmonton visited with heruppaenta’ f-ir*: & 1-Mrsv’ Erl .Sewa r d . PIRK TREATRE NM/S Thursday - Ten Wnted Men with Birbara Scott in technicolor. FRI. C: SET. The Srarlet Ccots starring Co nel Wii^i^ie. In cenerai scope and color MOW 2: TUE. The Jespeera-be Hoours stamina Hmnhrey Bogart and Fredric March VistrVision. _ MED. T: TIIURS. Yellowneck in Triodcr. filmed in the hea rd---of the Florida ever alades. MLss Kinuup Nishamura won the $50.00 Scfdorship offered this year by the ladies LNrsPitl’Auxilliary to the student with the highest mrks entering the nursing profession. FOR ScLE: 2 yrs old Guernsey heifer - fresh 2 weeks. BU.1 df. Both for $150 or will sell separately. Phone 220 Lloyd Heldrum. The ÌMwrath Trading Coim-piny Limited a good plocd ' pioifeai^e . C, J. 0. C, There is a fence between our land and TaylorwBroo. on the Milk Riker Ridge. The run off water from their pasture eventiully flows into the Grlf of Mexico, from our into the Hudson Bay (the great divide) From here yoX'-get a panoramic view of the promised land. For hundreds of miles cities and towns are before ones eyes. From here a sheep herder can forcast the weather fare more accurate than the 5000 wtt station in Lethbridge. C. J. 0. C. has progre; sed now urtil they know from wrut direction the wind is blowing and when it is raining. Their forcasts are all. bunkum. It was the Mgrath Town Coimncl that inaugurated the 6 hour day and the four day week. between the ihyor and the Town Work heads together so stoop, think, Some people perhaps have never the resemblance Town They that noticed of the Mnnggr much of iha’rath have their they look, alike talk and New shipments are coming in all the time. Shop at your local store and save. There is hunting and fishing equipment for father, China for moHier. Bseboll equipment for brother. Clothing for sister. FRANKLIN SMITH Town assessment one million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The imtyor printed the above figures in his circulir. The public utilities told him so he says, "ThecTown w_th an assessment like the above had plenty of bomwihg power." Here is one w.y to get n big assessment. A resident of Raymond n new home n year ago, cost over $11,000,00. Assessed 4600.00. Tax $234.60. Manklin Si°th residence an told frame building of which the original pnrt is 50 years old. Assessed $3345.00. Tax $165.00 A diff­erence in the assessment of $1255.00 Franklin’s taxes at the mcnt should not have been over $40.00. Think it over Mr. Taxjsyyr. FOR SALE: Austin car in good running condition. Cheap, Phone RÖ17. w. J, Woockitz, We ìiave a com lete supply of school shoes BEEF ROUND Roasts or Stk.),,,,per lb 59A I ., PORK LEG ROASTS (lean) per lb . M a I a ■ i I i . a a a a m.«« a i a aa a aa aa ■■ a a a at a . a a a a*« . a a a M a I I■ VEAL CHOPS. (lender) per lb.5Q(L . i muía iiiiilliiuuMiai 1111*1 ihiiklimiiiíimuíiuii'íim VEAL S . 33d ■ » lUlUlilil I m III III l U l Utili II Hi until liuUlWIUHlUttlkHmMlUUlMll U UH l llU UiililllllilUKhiiu UlllUll il aMniai liitilUl l lUaiil iiiiiiiiliiililliiliillMuiiiUiluU «inanimi l UiiIiii lili ill llUilIilaliaaali iiilJiiliiiuiu lli . / 71.69 Y HANDIBI THING IN THE HOUSE ■ 101 EVERYDAY USES lb. 6 I TOOT PAS’ 1 E Pepsodent 20ç. off deal. 2 giant tubes I f°r. 9og . Cray ' -v-J? 20 oz. / ! TISSUE Sa 7 .rolls. J‘ja'x> Spanish.} >7.33L GRAPES. PRUNES RED PEPPERS. GREEN PEPPERS CAULIFLOWER. SQUASH. Italian lokay Ho, 1 s California Bells .snowy wlhte (Hub bard J. .2 lb .2 pounds.