Magrath Store News (December 11, 1959)

An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content. PHONS: GROCERIES 364. Friday, Deomixer OFFICE 21 Hth, 1959 DRY GOODS 124 ‘ HARDWARE 34 If egri th. ALlterta. LINGERIE Wo also have sono...

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Main Author: Magrath Trading Store
Format: Journal/Newspaper
Published: J. A. Ririe 1959
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Summary:An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content. PHONS: GROCERIES 364. Friday, Deomixer OFFICE 21 Hth, 1959 DRY GOODS 124 ‘ HARDWARE 34 If egri th. ALlterta. LINGERIE Wo also have sono houeeooets Nylon Trioot HOf Slip %nd Pxntie sots in lovely shades or'lCc Blue Apioot, White, Peaoh, CovSL and Pink* Trtanod With retching nylon lace in a choice of two styles* p gQ p gg FOAMTREADS. Wshhblo sanitized slippers for Mia 45 oo Starfliash Outfits Brownie Camera Outfits - Camera takes slides, black and Whhte, and colored snapshots, bitteries, bulbs & film. | 0Q PROJECTORS, KODAK AUTOMATIC PROJECTOR for ccloi^od slides — ~7/^ 50 KODAK MJVIE PROJECTOR - you can run rceorse and have stills, O A kC\ SCREENS o450 Projector screens for slide or nooeie pictures SIZES: 40 x 40. | Q95 Mr» George Heather shew returned recently from Dos Mines, Iowa where he spent a two week visit with his sisters Ms. Lillian Daannei and Mss Jeanette Heethershaw. "HIDE-A-BED LOUNGE x Deluxe lounge wife ntlno‘ ' saving, spaed saving1 HIDE-A-BED spring fillpd raatross, ■This lounge is finished in 'the finest nylon froize uphoostery, Ujp-to-tho-rLinuto styling» PoppLhr honey beige shade. the lady of the house this Christmas by surpiizinig hor W-th this fine furniture gift«.- REGULAR $1913.59 .». . KITCHEN CHROME SET : Macleurn Ran^ style ^tchan Carone ¡Set "ncludaing table With tWo extension leaves, 6 chairs and kitchen stool. Finished in noOdrnnftic chrome and brass- Acne ■Arborito to>p„ Finished in latest shades of Coral and tan* x REGULAR $159.95 . NESTING TABLES t They are noW .and oh so handy When entertaining _ - Nesting Tables With handsome arbo^ite tops, brass legs, SET OF 3, ONLY . FOOT STOOLS : Uppcostered fddth■todls in the latest modern trend. Four neatly shaped legs With self balancing base. Uphhostered in attractive Wahable l.estier-like plastic. A good selection of colors. / QIT. C I - Q-'-'AND J HAND TOOLED PURSES JUST ARRIVED: Hand tooled ' Leather fcandbugs frocm. Smart novel flotal and birds in dos igns , LKCu tura 1 loathor as wcCI as hand tinted. I495 AND id95 TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE HANDBAG SPECIAL: Hand tooled leather purse, largo size, devidcd eanpartaents,. zipper-change sootion. REGULAR $24,50 . . HAND TOOIED PURSES - popular "toto bag" style in natural leathor, hand polished REGUIAR S&L5,95 Mr and Mr, Richard Bradshaw and Mr and M*s. Orson Bridge returned Saturday evening fron a holiday IteedLoo» in Arizona and In attractive rod 298 MITTS SET A lovely gift for the te-^<n»£^a girl on your shopping list: Girls ' Angora Wool and Orlon set of 3 way hut and m.its. Hit may be used hat, bandeau or soarf, and wULte or blue and white stripe. M’S. LfyS^tle Mltidin' is holidaying in Ednonton the guest of her brother and sister-Ln-Law, Mr, and Ms. Lome Boonnetr CORSAGES Loebox fibre corsages in a number of pleasing blooms ' including Rosoe», OurcOiidSj tearntions, all accented with LLLly^f-thn'*vr,.Xley• and fern. Docked wth ribbon. and 980 / ■ GLOVE SETS MajalhLng Soar? and Glove sot in attractive cello gEkft paclngo. Scarf is of Nyton Trieet in assnried zig-zag ;pltielmi# gloves uro of soft ^ylon doeided£e. Smrt colors. °98 PILLOW SLIPS u Wo have just received a now siLpmocni of Pillow Slips for your Christmas shopping BeautfuL nEn> numbers, mdorto and appliquos in .o'.-ely coloeSs 25^ xx The fat mn and his wifo wore returning to' their sects in the theatre after iniermisiien. "Did I step on your toes as I went out?11 ho asked a nan at the end of the row. "Zou did," replied the other grimly, expect­ing an apology. The fat mn turned to his wife," All sight, Former residents of Laarrtti, An and Florence Moccos were henosnd recently at an Open House at the family heme in BndtiiftuL Utah on the occasion of their fiftieth •wedding anniversary. Teeir two daiushters and five sons with theis famlles' were all home to do then honor. They cans fson Arizona, Cla:ifernLa, Illinois and Utah Them were forty present including the ienosnd couple. g Mr. and Ms. Geo Gygi of L3-bhbBicgjek were store visitors Tuesday afternoon HUDSONS BAY it a "F^iml.y Gift" this Christmas and Aovaiable Lako give luxurious HUDSON BAY BIANEKEE. in white with colorfuL nuutti-3tsipe, roso with deep rose stripe, greon with deep olive stripe, A\vHable in two weights: POINT - 4 POINT - Mr. Ken Owens left Tuesday mooning for Iadystnth B. C. where he will join his wife and family, the guests of Mr and M’s, Lynn Sabey "T-is is our row." SLIPS-Give her a levels-' nylon tr'i-cot slip for CMristmis. Bceauifully t^il^c^r^c^d and irLmmnd with luxurious lace. Aav.aiable in wih.te and colors |98 io 495 NIGHTGOWNS You wLLL find a nice selection of ladies Nylon Nightgowns Tastefully styled, with dainty lace trim. Avealllbln in coIoss wM-te, fTme, turquoise, pce.(cih-ice blue, aqua, oril. 198 op. PYJAMAS NyLon Trieot Pyjamas available in "Shoe•tios" and regular styles, A nice selection o^ colors and styles to eieese from. TO i . per lb» per lb» per lb per lb» COHOE HOT DOG SALMON STEAKS . . . WIENERS FRESH, PER LB. 69 £ PER PKG. ORDER YOUR FRESH CHRISTMAS TURKEYS A LOOK AT THE TOWS BUSINESS Assets as at Decemlter 1st, Collectable Taxes. Current Taxes Current Badness Tax Tax Arrears Business Tax Arrears Sidewlla3, Curbs, etc. 1959, $ 26,786.55 1,2&W3 U, 824.99 890.38 1,500.00 Libiiities as at December 1st, 1959. Schcoal Requisition HoosPital Agreement Debenture Bank Loan labor, Expanses $ 45,266.65 15,000.00 1,174.05 3,126.16 10,000.00 4,000.00 $ 33,300.21 It is evident from the above figures that if the' Town of f egra th is to’balanco it*s budget, considerable taxes, both current and arrears rtll have to be paid. Moot of the ratepayers are tax ooinsoicouj. But a few still . feel that taxes should come last. Failure to mm at these demands simply means that money Lmst'be borrowed to meet current expenses and mut unfair is the fact that the man Who pays teites mut also pay interest on borrowed money because of the delinquent ratepayer. And further, our Wnter works pro­gram, in which we pay only 25% of labor costs hinges entirely on the success of oiur tax oeoiLection3. And ploaso lememter that a 6% pemilty goes on aH outstanding taxes January 1st, I960. Wo are operating on a "Pay as Wo Go” policy which w.U work out if averyono pays at least their quoto — current taxos plus 20% arrears. Our almost 2 riles of sidowlks, and 5 blocks of curb, considerable read improvement, irrigation and drainage overhaul. and an extensive sewer cleaning project wILL have been accomppished without additional debenture cornai ttmmnt, Al wo need is our outstanding taxes. We would hope to have a solid tax structure established by December 3Ht, I960. Finanoo Ccomittee, Town of Jf^aath, ATTENTION: Attend tho Turkey Bingo in Sherfe's Cafe this Friday, Doo, Uth and Win your Ci:rih•taJah turkey* Keep in mind the Turkey Bingo for Friday, Deo. lSth. The Turkey shoot oponod Monnday, Dec. 7th in Shcrka's Cafe. Ifggrath Rod and Gun Club. NOTICE: The annual reorganization mooting of tho Mgrrth. Rod and Gun Club will be held in Sherba's Oafe, Weednscday, Dec. 16th at 8 P.M. A good attendance of sportsmen is requested. Ifagirath Rod and Gun Club. PRE CHRISTMAS DRY GOODS DEPT FABRICS x Christoas Fabrics on' display include Corduroys - $1,29 to $1.55 yard; Printed Silks - $1.29 to $2.75 yard; Dress Taffetas -* m o^lors « 980 yard. Prints and Broadcloths — 390 to 980 yard. TOWEL SETS t Cco.iofiu. toweLs, nicely boxed in rtisraiLLvc designs of birds, floral designs, Danooss,’Swans, etc. AppLiques and hand painted. $M>5 to $2.9# se^. BLANKETS, Give a lovely Blanket as a Cihristnas gift far the f^iniiy. Available in (Orlon and Nflon Blends, All Wool and Hudson. Bay All Wool 3y point ant 4 peont. Priced from $4-95 to $49.95 UPSTAIRS DEPT D^I^JSSES t We’ stUL have sone lovely CEhristoas drosses for Miiady. Broccades, Taffetas, Vee.veets, Wools and Aaeeatos, SWEATERS t One' of the most popular gifts for Cihistnas. You will find PU']eeer and Cardigan sweeters In Woos, Ban-Lons and Orlons. $4-95 UP BLOUSES, Give Mohsr a beautiful Mccson BLouso for Cthrstms» ' A choice of short, three quarter os long sleeve. O colors 'Wito Pink, Blue, Coosl. Beige JUST ARRIVED t ALjeun pleaded skirts in the season1 s nut" popjlnr plaik, ALso revers­ible wool skirts. SIZES: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. 8 patterns of gay striped denin to mko your selection fron. Mike your child sone play clothes of denin for- (Cristeas. REGULAR $1.10 yd.„ MEN’S^bBOYS wear SWEATERS x You will find a nice assort, nent of Sweaters of Man and Bays including ALL Wooos, Orlons and Bin Lons in Pullover and CiTiigr.n styles. $4.95 to $11.95 hardware dept TOYS LL find a good selection of Toys stiLL aw.iting Late shoppers. Dolls, Mechhanul toys, stuffed arnimls. We are Swta's heLpors, visit our Toy Deeaatnent. SHIRTS t Give Dad a hands one sport shirt for CCaristms. T-WaMble Taydnraylon bLends in smart patterns. Sizes: S, M. L. A good choice of deloor!. $3.95 UP. BELTS Bits in Mtolios, Lathers and fylon Stretchy, Srnarty' styLed with a nice assortment of bucTkos. $1t0C UP J MCBRINE 3 piece Mefine Luggage sets p Marapak Case, REGUEAR $1’7.95, Overnight Caso, REGULAR $U,95 end Train Ccse, REGULAR $H.95. Od.arsx Garey, Blue, Green or Ivory, An ideal Christas gift for the teenager who is now away at University, or for the teenager hdnte^pPltin,g a career. MEN'S IMPORTED BOTANY ALL WOOL DRESS SCARFS REGULAR $41W5 in handsone pTids. Hand lunod« PiEGULAR $3.50 nach *••••«««• THE MAGRATH TRADING COMPANY LIMITED ”A Good Place To trade" xx “Junior, don't use such bad woords," snapped the proud nother. "WcOI, Shakespeare used then," replied JUnLer . The noohnir thought for a norneat, then seprin-ended :"Then don't play with ILo any noro." While the Kan Eh Idorhdn family Were at the Royal Winter, Toronto* no one did. the chores at the farm* six miles out of town During the cold spelll the Mnn-y Ktty (black yoillcw and Wh^^o) 12 years old, walked. to ’own, Tho snow wjs too deep to cstai nice. It Was a' cold mcorning when we opened the garage door, Warn inside* then we gave her a cup of warn milk. The oat is a wonderful pet. san see day and night While' ten* s' insight is none too good even when it's light, Bo kind to dumb animas, They are not so dunb either. Part of God's areatl.ot. Mint would we do Without then? A run oilled* he was unemployed and needed money to pay the premium'on three Life Insurance pdLfoieh* sLl due. The one taken out last was three'years old. The premium was $?2.00. He had on de throo payments Me asked him Why three policies,' ' "I was Just talked into it", ho said, ' He would loose the t^hr^oe payments if he dropped it. Over thirty yours ago we had rude seven psymth on a §50^1^,00 policy. Then cane the "dirty thirtide1|. The Company told us tho policy would carry itself now that so much had been paid on it. When the woort was over wo decided to continue our paymens^. We sskod for a sta-ement and were informed that they had Shh^dpprfated the payments we had made to keep the policy in foroe. . We had no equity left. Wo were out all our payments and the athwer'ws'reolf.ved was "Well, you had your protection didn't you", Taey tad pocketed §10)0,(0), Money was not plentiful in t,sdsd days either. That was our last encfouiter with life Inhursce Agents. Elder Melvin E, Thorson returned home Sunday evening, IlOTonbor' 29th fr^om a two year LJD.S. masion to the Southam States, He was met in Grant fuLLe by his parents M, and Mr. Fri Thomson and Mish Mianne Nllhhon, His rents mter’a^ s Welcome hiome supper that evening at their fart" hotle. Fifty-four of MIlt^'s relatives Were hrllsalt, NOTICE: A joint Mtml Clhrih-mah Dstod ' for the First and Second Ward MI.A. Wil be' held in the Assembly HU Friday, Doc, 15th at 7:30 P.M, This is a fornSl danco and formal dress ih required. R(lfrehincetts Will bo served Everyone is ooordiSLly invited to attend, M. I. A, EREMBDDITATED? YESJ MOTHERS: Wen designing your child's ChThtms costume boar in mind that it WilL aono in Handy again at our Ainnxil VaLentine Iso Carntaxl on ar about Folru^ary 14th at our local Stating Rink* Wo WILL have Ice for the Chrisitries holidays, waithor permiting. R L Santa wüLL arrive With gifts for HL the kiddles, N. Ov/wens, Siut. FOR SA.LE: 22. Cooey rifle, also S0S British rifle. Wldon LOST: Wh-te faoed black milk cow, Fve years old. W.G, N^at^« . Phone 225. JUST AxflRIVED: Girls horsenir oriexliels, Whits, Pink, Blue. SIZES':’ S, M ’and L. Ups» 1rs DDpt. THE MA3RATH TRAI^:iNG COMPANY LlGa^TED l.t»Fruitcake Mix - ROBIN HOOD each COke Mix - ROBEN HOOD, White, Choo. Golden, Spioe, eto 3 for Pick. eS - BALL,.sweet nixed Reemolds Wrap - is» x zy Wives - Loose D^ck Tomato Juice .hebe.10 oz Apple Juice . . . .Clier,,, 48 oz Coffee - NABOB . . . . .HEAVY DUTY , oz Tuma _ SEA HAUL .7 oz tin . Salad. Dressing -mraclemop ■R GRAPEFRUIT « CELERY HEARTS . PEANUTS . .«3 pound oollo bog CANDY - TAWNEY'S HARD MIX. .per bottle 3 for 2 tins for 1 pound picfnge for .pails per package . 3 lbs .5 lbs. 750 890 570 590 290 250 790 770 290 790 690 350 890 249 GET YOUR HOLIDAY SUPPLY OF NUTS AND CANDY WHILE OHR STOCK IS AT IT'S BEST* BEST QUALITY* Ton^gM^, Thursday DUNKIRK FOUND: Boys shoos, size 12. Between the Trading Co. and hone. Dave Bingham. THEATRE NEWS John Mils, the invasion of Europe Friday and Saturday DANCE WITH ME HENRY* With and CosStLLo. Wcdn:e^<d^;y and Thursday FORT MASSACRE starring Joel MoCcr», cinemascope and oolor. GIVE THEATRE TICKETS FOR CHRISTMAS. WATCH FOR SPECIAL CHRISTMAS GUT NIGHT, Park Ticett^e, FOR RENT; 4 rocn house. Also but tops for sale. Piled. Nick Nyk^forik. FOUND: A sum of nonqy. Mrs. Douglas Loeso. FOR SALE: Singer treddle sewing mdiine with reverse stitch. Recently overhaauLed. Grace Toomer. FOR SALE: SO ewes, 1,2,3,4 year olds. 50 La ribs ifrcm 50 to 100 pounds, 50 ton first crop aLfhlfa hay in stack. Bob Rasmussen Ph, R716 or J,M. Rasmussen, Phone 342. FOR SALE: Pu.lets. New PtampiB and Sussex. Ready to Lay. Chis. CldweU, Spring Coulee