Milo Canopener (December 1, 2001)

An archive of the Milo Canopener. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Archives at Milo Library to digitize and display this content. Edition no. 138 Milo Can Opener Canada Post Agmt. # 40607518 Box 12, Milo, AB TOL 1L0 MILO MUNICIPAL LIBRARY, feb/02Ad Rates Subscription...

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Published: Milo Community Volunteers 2001
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Summary:An archive of the Milo Canopener. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Archives at Milo Library to digitize and display this content. Edition no. 138 Milo Can Opener Canada Post Agmt. # 40607518 Box 12, Milo, AB TOL 1L0 MILO MUNICIPAL LIBRARY, feb/02Ad Rates Subscription Rates Business Directory $ 5.00 M Pick up or delivered $ 16.00 Quarter Page 6.00 Mailed 24.00 Half Page 8.00 Single Copies 2.00 Full Pages 15.00 Classifieds 2.00 The following items are free of charge Letters to the Editor are welcome. Notices Announcements (Wedding, Anniversary, Births, Showers, etc.) Cards of Thanks News items Articles Please send items to the following staff Layout Editors - Barb Godkin - . 599-2213 Iris Gough - . 599-2377 Production - Colleen Deitz -. 599 - 2306 Betty Armstrong Zola Webber Subscriptions -Georgina Lilly -. 599 - 2424 Notices- Julie Nelson -. 599-2175 Charlotte Nelson -. 599 - 2253 Cartoons & “Kids Say” - Marina Vanatta -. 381 - 6389 Please sign them, no letters will be printed if not signed. Requests to remain anonymous will be honoured. Milo Can Opener Box 12, Milo, Alberta, TOL 1L0 Fax# 599-3850 Email: Items may be left at Jamie’s Food, in the Can Opener box at back of store. Please Note: The deadline for articles to be printed, is the Monday before the last Friday of each month. The date will be printed on the monthly calendar.GOODS & SERVICES $ & <£ Gsiecdive jbeAx^n jOf 3 jrkaktfaiW* 599-2466 Milo, Alberta Open - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday *♦* ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ <♦ <*- <♦ +z~ <♦ <♦ <* *> ❖ ❖ ❖ ♦♦♦ I HpEiigp I I 599-3868 | 1120-Centre Street Milo, Alberta TOL1 L0£ > ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ ♦> <♦ ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ ValuVenture Travel Val Uinscheid travel consultant/tour guide Box 8S Milo, AB TOL1LO e-mail: tel: 1 (403) 599-2406 fax: 1(403)599-2247 toll free: 1(877)599-2499 Jamie’s W Foods Carol and James Robertson Box 38 Milo, AB. TOL 1L0 Ph. 403-599-3922 Fax 599-3835 MILO CAFE CHINESE ^WESTERN TAKE OUT ORDERS 599-3832 Closed Monday Monday-Sunday.8:30 am - 8.-00 pm BeerS, Wine with meals CORNER STORE & GARAGE ^~rii OIL - GAS - DIESEL - REPAIRS - WELDING A.M.A. TOWING MERV & FRANCES GOLDTHORPE 485 - 6671^ 599-2466 vX HARDWARE Milo, Alberta Open - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday MILO SEED CLEANING ASSOCIATION LTD. 599-2150 Cleaner Seed Is Sown Cleaner Crops are Grown Ed Posein - Manager RENO BEXTE 1/UeecI C^ontrot (Centre P 4 H GRAIN LTO. AGENT FOR ALTA HAIL INS. TEUKFHONB: MQSSXEIOTL AB (403) 534-3V61 ANYTIME TOL IPO FAX: (403) 534-21S2 United AUTO REFENISHENG (division of Charma Holdings Ltd.) "We meet by accident" COMPLETE AUTO BODY & REFINISHING LOCATED IN MOSSLEIGH. QftTH BESIDE J.D.' s CAFE (403)534-2155 V Robert Phillips Phillips Agricultural Products and Services Box 292 Lomond, Alberta TOL 1G0 Telephone: (403) 792-3757 Toll Free: I -800-387-8485 Cellular. (403) 485-0400 Fax (403) 792-3707 BUS 599-373 I R6S. 599-2153 PAT GAUTHIER Petroleum Agent UNITED FARMERS OF ALBERTA CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED BOX 58. MILO. ALBERTA TOL I LO IN-SHOP --- MOBILE Archambault Mechanical Dave Box 155. Milo, AB, TOL 1L0 Telephone: (403)599-2292 Cellular (403) 485-8098 BUFFALO HILLS OILFIELD SERVICES ltd Dave Sletto P.O. Box 164 Milo, AB. ToL iLo (24 Hour Service) Ph: (403) 485-2229 Ph: (403) 599-2218 Fax:(403) 485-6699We would like to thank our advertisers for their continued support. Without them, we would not be able to print this newsletter for the enjoyment of the readers. 2),. B. X D, rump OPTOMETRIST BOX 972 VULCAN. ALBERTA TOL 28C TELEPHONES 435-2 177 485-2336 FAIRBANKS DENTURE CLINIC 125 Centre Street, Vulcan, Alberta TOL 2B0 485-2368 Scott D. Fairbanks - Denturist OFFICE HOURS: Wednesday 9:00 a m - 500 p.m. Friday 100 p.m. • 5:00 p m. REMCO RIMCO MIMORIAIS ITD The Monument Professionals Since 1924 Ask about the Remco written Bonded Guarantee - with no time limit. Racille Ellis 897-3013 <Deep Tissue 'Massage- %i;[axation Massage CraniosacralLevel l Tar appointment calf <Rps: 485-2820 or CcCf: 485-1405 325 Center Street, “Vulcan, J4(B TOL 2 (elutpl.jn?i.r>*t / ~[~Q no* 1103. 1 20 Centre St'fCt. Vwl<; in. Albc»lJ f0!_ 290 -X__1 Next Canopener Deadline December 31esc- 'ZOc&fatty (face ait IPeace an t&i& Aotcdaty aeaMM ‘TJtewuf &6tU4tma& ! % Come in for a treat from the Candy Cane Tree Enjoy 'GST free' Christmas shopping Stop by December 22nd for home baking and drink This season's fun raffle is a crochetted quilt pattern afgan. Tickets are $1.00 with proceeds going to Milo Community School draw December 22nd - 1:00 pm Gifts 'n Things - Milo - (403)599-3868 Open: Wed, Thurs, Fri - 9:30 to 4:30 Sat - 9:30 to 2:00aGBetCBaBEasaGBcanacBnaCiCttacaiactgMnanBBtctcBBttagana^^ N-l UPHOLSTERY & TARP MANUFACTURING 120 Main Street Champion, AB Toll free: 1 (888) 337-0170 'Please call before you come to be sure toe'll be at the shop when you get here! Thanh you! TMevlLle & Orene The regular meeting of the Village of Milo was held on Friday, October 12 2001 at 7:30 p.m. at the Village Office. Present were Mayor Bath, Councilor Vooys, Councilor Whaley, Municipal Administrator Dorothy Way, Kevin Booth, Victor Crowe and Shannon Reynolds. The minutes of the meeting held on September 17, 2001 were read. Councilor Whaley moved the adoption of these minutes. The minutes of the special meetings held on October 4, 2001 and October 9, 2001 were read. Councilor Whaley moved the adoption of these minutes. The Vulcan Regional FCSS is hosting a board workshop on Oct. 18/01 in Vulcan. The Marquis Foundation meeting has been changed to Oct. 30/01 from Oct 23/01. Mayor Bath advised that the County' is to have the old dump rectified this month. Mayor Bath will check on this next week and let Councilor Vooys know what is being done. If the dump is not cleaned up the Village will contact Robert Strauss. Mrs. Shannon Reynolds attended the meeting to ask the Village Council that since Railway Avenue is to be oiled every' year could the road at the water treatment plant be oiled every year to. The Village Council agreed that this could be done. The Village received a challenge from the Town of Sexsmith to all other Municipalities in regards to the tragedy in the U.S. They are challenging all Alberta Municipalities to follow suit by submitting $ 0.75 per capita for this worthy cause. MOVED by Mayor Bath that the Village of Milo offer financial support of $200.00 to the Red Cross Relief Fund in New York City. CARRIED. This works out to $1.71 per capita for the Village. Kevin Booth attended the meeting to bring the Village Council up to date on the water level at Lake McGregor. The canal is running very' slow. The ditch will be shut off on November 15, 2001. Kevin has rented another pump to help fill the reservoirs because of the water level in the lake. The rental on the pump is $ 400.00 a week or $800.00 per month for the Village. The Water Co-op will pay ‘A of the rental fee. Next year there will probably be a rotation on the use of water. Kevin to show Victor where the water shut offs are at the plant. Next spring Kevin will do his Level 2 Course for the water treatment plant. If the Village can get a grant approved the water reservoirs could be refined next year. Mayor Bath and the village Council thanked Kevin for a job well done at the water plant.The speed bumps are to be put in at the school in the spring. There are 3 culverts in the Village. These are usually flushed out with the fire truck. Gerald Deitz is to pick up the garbage truck on Tuesday, October 16th to replace the gas tank, check the brakes and anything else that needs to be repaired. Councilor Vooys will contact Doug Marks and find out if he will do snow removal in the Village if required this winter. The water has been turned off at the RV Park for this year. Victor has permission to trim the trees in the alley behind Gerald Deitz’s if necessary so the garbage truck can get through. There is a pipe at the RV Park that will need to be repaired in the spring. A new STOP sign to be put up at Center Street and 1 “ Avenue South. The Xmas lights to be put up the first week in December. Mayor Bath and the Village Council also thanked Victor for the work that he is doing in the Village The Municipal Administrator to contact Alex Kamis from ALSA and find out when they are going to do the paving of the streets. The Village of Milo has been approved for a basic grant of $2,000.00 under The 2001 Municipal Sponsorship Program to purchase office furniture and equipment. Councilor Whaley will pick up a new fax machine. Any extra pavement that is left over after the roads are paved is to be used on Railway Avenue where the trenches are dug. Councilor Whaley to pick up a new fax machine and we will try this to find out whether this is the problem with the phone line. The next Communications Meeting is on Thursday, November 1, 2001 at 7:30 p.m. m Vulcan County Council Chambers. The Village Council discussed the Electric Distribution System Franchise Agreement. We are waiting to receive some figures from Dwayne Mack before a decision is made on this agreement. These figures are for the Franchise fee and the franchise CAP. The next Council meeting of the Village of Milo will be the Organizational Meeting on October 22, 20001 at 7:00 p m at the Village Office. The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m G. Ds REPAIR FOR All YOUR MECHAN1CAI & REPAIRS Call: Gerald Deitz 599-2354 or 599-24640 PQANI Z go FOP SAVI NGS CO-OP V NOT FOP PROF I T " ARROW WOOD CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION LTD. T-»T TT-T—l r> r\ A rnwi^L: oo^-oouo P.O. BOX 120 ARROWWOOD, ALBERTA TOL 0B0 PHONE: 534-3803 Hours: 8 -12 ndon 1 - 5:30pm Mon - Fri 8-12 noon Saturday Your Farm Supply Store ‘Lawn ^Garden Supplies ‘Lumber ‘Hardware Taint ‘Hydraulic Hoses ‘Belts ‘Bearings *Tires ‘Batteries ‘Accessories ‘Feed ‘Salt ‘Propane ‘Bulk Fuel & Lubricants ‘Housewares ‘Plumbing ‘Sporting Goods I made myself a snowball, As perfect as could be, I thought I'd keep it as a pet, And let it sleep with me. I made it some pajamas. And c pillow for its head. Then last night it ran away But first-- it wet the bed. According to the Alaska Dept, of Fish and Game, while both male and female reindeer grow antlers in the summer each year, male reindeer drop their antlers at the beginning of winter, usually late November to mid-December. Female reindeer retain their antlers till after they give birth in the spring. Therefore, according to every historical rendition depicting Santa's reindeer, every single one of them, from Rudolph to Blitzen - had to be a girl. We should have known. Only women would be able to drag a fat bottomed man in a red velvet suit all around the world in one night and not get lost.t4. re/ yo\A/ 1Jyy Com join/TOPS forfmcmd/fitnm. Lutheran Church Thursday 8:30 a.m. THE OAKES HOUSE Appreciation Pay Pec, - 5Th 10:00 - 9:00 Wednesday Please joih us for Refreshments Poor Prize l/isitin^ and fifth Avenue Jewelry ftrowsin^n will be available Christmas Poinsettia's are here A Merry Christmas to each and to allPhone: 485-2036 • Fax: 485-6938 E-Mail: Web site: SHARE the NEWS MILO CORRESPONDENT for NEWS only LORRAINE STUMPF 599-3748 NEW DEADLINE FOR ADVERTISING NEW• Friday at 4:00 pm • NEW CALL WANDA - 485-2036 COUNTY CALENDAR and SHARE the NEWS Production Louise Christie Coming Events for non-profit groups Call Economic Development - 485-2992 CLASSIFIED AD RATES $6.80 for 20 words + .100 each additional word 2nd week half price (Minimum $4.00) SUBSCRIPTION RATE $24.00 per year (within county) CHECK OUR WEBSITE!! See the Classifieds, News and Photos on-line!YaluVenture Travel TEL: (87T) 599-2499 back by popular demand! KING RANCH TEXAS TOUR Itinerary: • Casper • Colorado Springs . 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Vulcan, AB Serving The Agriculture Industry Since 1967 (403) 485-2440 Frank Mclnenly Stacey Mclnenly Les McIntyre Foothills Livestock Auction Stavely, AB (403) 549-2120 Regular sales every Friday Special Calf Sales Bred Sales as announced For up to date marketing call: Frank Mclnenly Les McIntyre (403) 485-2440 (403) 485-6003 cell: (403) 485-8123 cell: (403) 485-8126 F M Trailer World Located at Foothills Livestock Auction Stavely. AB Southern Alberta's Axel us toe jVorlert Dealer NORBERT DEX TRAILTECH Stock, Horse, Flatdecks New & Used 1-877-205-1999 Call StaceyMILO LIONS CLUB NEWS COMING EVENTS FOR December 2001 December 1 - Pancake Supper & Turkey Bingo December 5 - Milo Regular Meeting December 12 - Milo Executive Meeting December 19 - Christmas Party December 26 - Milo Executive Meeting Interclub Visits November - Three members '• attended Vulcan’s, five visited Okotoks and several attended Mossleigh’s interclub. Other events: Four members attended the Lion’s convention in Calgary. Champion Charter night was November 24. Two members attended the Mossleigh gunshoot. Projects - We are purchasing missing child identification kits for Milo school students. We will be testing out the new “pancake batter dispenser’’ at this year’s pancake supper. Our tractor/mower is being repaired. Don 7 forget to come to our FUN CASINO on January 5! tAus\c for everyone Great food! Monday, December 31 at Mdo Community dfaCC Hors d’Oeuvres 8:00 p.m. Music starts at 9:00 p.m. Hosted by Milo Curling Club FAMILY HAIRSTYLING X 599-2491 X MILO HOURS TUES-FRI 9:00-5:00 SAT 10:00-2:00 WED. Mens walk in 10:00-12:00 Holiday changes: Open Monday, Dec. 24 Closed Dec. 25, 26, 27 & Jan. 1 00 Waxing, Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting Milo Community School 2001 Christmas Production "Christmas Around the World with Martha Stewpot" please bring a food bank donation, or a silver collection will also be taken. Thursday, December 13 Performances at 1:00 & 7:00 p.m. in the school gym'K77 l SS C:C)MI*/\NY BARJUSTERS amI SOUCIIX3IIS SERVICING ALL YOUR LEGAL NEEDS Dr. Robert J. (Bob) Langridge will be In attendance at the Village Office In Milo the first Friday of each month from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Appointments may be made by calling 485-2070 Brian J. Murray and Robert J. (Bob) Langridge servicing our Vulcan office 104 Centre Street Vulcan, Alberta Phone: (403) 485-2070 Areas of Law; Real Estate. Personal Injury, Dfvorce and Family Law. Wills and Estates. Dependent Adults, Employment Law. Criminal Law, Business and Corporate Law. Mediation. Ligation and Tax Law LETHBRJDGE OFFICE #600, 220 - 4”’ Street South Phone: 403) 276-7781 Fax (403) 320-8958 Toll Free: 1-800-552-8022 SOUTHERN ALBERTA’S REGIONAL LAW FIRM An uunce of Prevention Is Worth a pound of Cure’ .SJC Box 93 Vuican, AB Bus: 485-2667 % '<% TOW TRUCK VACUUM TRUCK •>24 Hour Emergency Service" Septic Tank Cleaning 4X4 Service Long & Short Distance Winching'& Recovering Fuel, Flats & Lockouts R.V. Towing Small Repairs Boosting Used Parts for sale Scrap Cars hauled away EMERGENCY Mobile 485-0500 Reasonable Rates Mud Pits, Sumps, Holding Tanks Portable Toilets Flooded Basements Irrigation Lines Water Problems Bigger Tank - Faster Service3 Services — ONE Location! 119 Centre Street, Vulcan 485-6888 or 485-6900 GOLDHAWK PRINTING & GRAPHICS All Your Printing Needs Color Laser Photocopies • Custom Calendars Iron on Transfers Laminating • Faxing • Rubber & Self Inking Stamps t ^BabIey^Viis^) ^ --- v’^-1995 --- V foi tfiE fiomt Q^intmx & 22iewei If you don’t like the weather - START WINING fejAW-1 BOTTLED -- npiMiriwn water Three Selections to choose from Ross Delivers! Town or Country • Pure Drinking • Natural Spring • Steam Distilled Also SPARTA WATER in 1/2, 11/2, & 4 litre containers - Water Coolers to suit you household - . *JATYA After my early Christmas gift was delivered,(s Lazy 9oy chair), I decided to try it out. I just sat down when my G year old daughter walked into the room. She looked at ms and exclaimed, ’’Cool, Dad, you Finally get your Lazy Butt chair !" * * * ft tt A * * ti tt ti A A A ft tt ft A A Serving Vuican County Communities Our Mission: To enhance the quality of life and :o pursue a diversified, sustainable econ­omy through entrepreneurial growth. Be sure to droD by. or call for an appointment to oieet with a specialist Jor your needs. I’or added convenience, during the year 2000. we are traveling to county communities monthly. • Small business 8c start-up counseling • Tourism promotion 8c development • Career counseling 8c job database centre m Coming events databasing/planning • Gov’t 8c alternate lending agenev liaison • Communin' and marketing profiles Krotiomic ! )<•> clopment 115. Center Street. Vulcan (or call to book an ‘on-site* appointment; Telephone 403-485 2992 rax. 403-485-2ST8 E-mail: vulcanecX^ Georgie Pooovitcn- County Economic Deveiooment Caere, ton Gregory: AsSitant. E.D A Tourism -Micr.cdc 3echer --- Vulcan freh Station ?n.msr Comeirafc It was early December when we moved cur Family from nand Inlet on the northern tip of B?ff in Island to the southern Interior of British Columbia. When the temperature rose to -5’C, our nine year old son, who had never been south oF the artic Circle before, exc1 a 5med , "Wow ! I love summer!" # ft * A A ft it ff A * * A tf tt A: A * tt tf ff A * A A $ ft A A * A My grandson was visiting just before Christmas, For an over-ni ghtsr. When asked what he wanted far breakfast, ha replied, "WafF1es,p1 ease." So I got out the waffle iron and started mixing batter.But Grandma, my Mam makes real ones. She takes them from the freezer and puts them in the toaster."LOOK WHO’S FIFTY! Love 0[, great (Birthday Id'ishes from your much odder sister ad att of yourfamity. DR. JAMES L. POTVIN B.Sc (Hons), D.D.S. General Dentistry Patient Services Nitrous gis for anxious patients Electronic freezing (no needle) Televisions & Walkmans Highest standard of sterilization for your protection Financing and payment plans . available OA.C Quality Dental Services • Comprehensive preventative exams including periodontal and oral cancer screening • Gentle hygiene arc • Tooth-colored & silver fillings • Cosmetic Bonding and Veneers to cover chips, cracks and stains • Tooth whitening to brighten your smile • Crown and Bridge • Complete and Partial Dentures AU members of our Cavity Free Club arc entered into a mon'Jdy draw for a $15 Gift Certificate Redeemable at Wolfe's Hardware Toy and Sporting Goods Department NEW PATIENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME *43/ *.43/ *43 j o *43/ ' - ♦ V. ! *.43/ ♦ c f *.43/ o Milo Lions Club Fun Casino Saturday January 5 Night Grand Prize: $1000 Travel Voucher Prizes for top six "money" winners at Milo Community Hall casino 8:00 - 12:00pm ♦ * y * Admission: $25 Includes play money and ^ BBQ beef supper. §p *.43/ ♦ v. s *43/ * ♦ . v j mf - ♦ V } *.43/ “ ♦ v f Q.Councillor’s Comments These are my opinions and do not necessarily reflect the Vulcan County Policy. Nearly two days were spent discussing the Elite Swine Hog Barn proposal, for east of Lomond. This was a very controversial topic. Many local residents are opposed, no matter what. The unfortunate part for the council was that this proposal meets all the guidelines set out in the municipal plan and the Code of Practice. It is not a good idea to not approve the proposal under these conditions, as there may be some legal repercussions. I don’t know if the residents of the area are appealing our decision or not. Your County Council is working on next year’s budget, and also reviewing the past years performance. The dirt crew is done for the year they rebuilt about 13 miles of road this summer. Now that it has snowed the gravel crew will most likely park their trucks. Some council members attended the fall convention in Edmonton. We had a meeting with several ministers while there. Shirley McClellan the Agriculture Minister says there will be no money for agriculture as there was this year. Most of the cheques are on their way for the acreage payments they had. There is one landowner holding up the construction of highway 24, so no progress there. The Bow City bridge is still on the three year plan, so there is some hope. As most of you know by now the Province of Alberta has taken over the secondary roads including the gravel portion, so Volker Stevin is the contractor now on maintenance. Grant Lahd. Three young bulls are standing in the corral talking. First one says to the other 2, “I’m going to be a show bull. It’s a good life, good feed, lots of pampering”. The second bull says, “It’s the rodeo life for me, lots of travel, danger - that’s what I want”. The third bull kicks up a little dust, chews a bit, and says, “I think I’ll just hang around home and help my dad out with his chores” BROWNIE NEWS We thank everyone very much for supporting our mint cookie sales. A great time was had at the Tyrrell museum, sleeping with the dinosaurs, learning about what goes on behind the scenes at the museum and of course getting a chance to wind Brittany, the boa constrictor, around necks!! This all came about because of the Milo communities’ generosity. The trip went well until Brown Owls’ vehicle quit! A HUGE thank you to Lisa’s Dad, Keith Deitz for rescuing us. It was so good of him to come so far and help us get home. The Brownies were once again very honored to carry the colors in the Milo schools’ Rememberance Day program. A BIG thank you to Natasha’s Mom, Heather Lahd for helping out Brown Owl and finishing a meeting for her. She had the priviledge of learning the special, Milo Brownie song!! The girls have had a great time making up the Santa sacks that Santa enjoyed handing out at the Old Fashioned Christmas in the Milo Hall. We thank Valuventure Travel very much for offering us this fund raiser. We can now go to our winter camp with very little cost to parents. Our Enrolment is coming up very fast and we are busy planning a program for our parents and friends. You will read a report on that special day in the news next month. Until then. Brown OwlWishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Milo U.F.A. Pat & Barb Gauthier and family SEASONS GREETINGS Notice Milo U.F.A. I will be working out of my garage until further notice. My phone number will still be the same 599-3731. If you need any oil, etc. either stop down or phone and leave a message and I will either set it out for you or deliver it to you. You can still pay your accounts by either mail, Internet, banking by phone, any U.F.A. or drop it off at my new office. Thank you Pat Gauthier 'Wishing everyone in the community jA fVonderfuCChristmas ancC a Nappy New year! “Thank you for your support. Drive Safety. - J. B. ServicesWed. Dec 26th. at the Milo Hall Doors open at 8:00 p.m. DJ by Sound Explosion Midnite lunch by Prairie Perfection $20.00 per person $30.00 per couple Tickets on sale at the barPalliser Schools Board of Trustee Update by Colleen Deitz These are my opinions and do not necessarily reflect board policy. Update on the Facility Plan. Palliser is required by the province to submit a 10 year capital plan every year, reflecting the plans that they have for the buildings in the division. Back last year the recommendations were sent in- that had the junior high programs in Milo, Arrowwood and Champion closing starting in the year 2004. The recommendations were made because these buildings are underutilized, based on the provincial utilization factor at the time. A public meeting was held in Arrowwood last spring with a very good turn out. All three communities were represented, and they made it very clear to Palliser Administration and the Board of Trustees, that they did not agree with the recommendation. The 10 year plan was to be resubmitted in the fall, however with the building of the new school in Coaldale, and the study being done on Hazel Cameron, our plan is not due until April of 2002. I am fairly confident that the board will not approve the removal of the junior high programs from these schools based on building utilization only. We have had numerous letters, emails and had numerous conversations with concerned citizens and these are documented and on file to be discussed at the next Board meeting when we will be discussing the 10 year Capital plan. This still does not mean that Milo will have a Junior High Program forever. The problems that we are facing now is the number of students in these programs. Milo currently is sitting at a student population of approx. 25 in its junior high. It is the opinion of many educators, that a proper junior high program can not be offered or operate properly with fewer than 20 students. We are very close, concern has been raised at the Board table. This does not mean any plans have been made for the Junior High Program in Milo. However, we do need to start looking at possible solutions or alternatives to programming needs of the Junior Highs. Personally I do not feel that adding a one and a half hour bus trip to an eleven or twelve year olds day is not a solution. The Division is in the process of reviewing our Site Based Decision Making model, and we hope that we can improve upon it some to assist in better education for our students. We are also looking at the bus routes in the Division, to see if we cannot make improvements there also. We have some students in the division riding the bus in excess of 1.5 hours one way, and only accomplishing a tired butt, hopefully we can find some solutions for them. Jack Gleason our Secretary Treasurer is retiring. We have hired Mr. Laurie Marsden from the High Prairie School Division to replace him. He will be starting February 1, 2002. I hope to be able to update you monthly on the happenings of the school board. However, I have now been a trustee for 3 years and this is my first one. Hopefully I will improve. Should you have any questions or need clarification please call be at home at 599-2306.Milo Municipal Library NEWS a member of the Chinook Arch Regional Library System THANK YOU FOR DONATIONS! This is the time of year to be thankful for the support our library receives from the community. Thank you to the Milo Lions Club, Marks Oilfield Services, Milo Recreation Board, and Milo and District Agricultural Society for their financial support this year. Thank also to Jamie’s Foods for donating book display units and Lakeside Service for selling discarded books for us. Many people have donated books, magazines, and videos. They are very much appreciated. D Snake Drop-In News Volunteers are needed to serve coffee on Mondays. There is a book at the Drop-In to sign up for shifts. The public health nurse will be at the Drop-In Wednesday, December 12 from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. Drop-In General Meeting Friday, December 7 at 2:00 p.m. Games Bridge - every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. Crib - Monday, December 3at 7:30 p.m. Monday, December 17 at 7:30 p.m. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE FROM SNAKE VALLEY DROP-IN CENTRE! NOVEMBER FICTION BESTSELLERS “Journey” by Danielle Steel “Home for the Holidays” by Johanna Lindsey “Protect and Defend” by Richard North Patterson “Code to Zero” by Ken Follett “Perish Twice” by Robert B. Parker “Daughter of Fortune” by Isabel Allende “The Pilot’s Wife” by Anita Shreve “The Letter of the Law” by Tim Green “No Way Out” by Andrew Kane VOLUNTEERS We will be starting a volunteer program again in January. Volunteers will come in for 3 hours about once a month to help with some library projects, such as weeding, ordering new items, etc. Hopefully we can match you to something you would like to do. Please leave your name with us if you are interested. LIBRARY HOURS (see holiday exceptions below) Tuesdays 9:30am-12:30pm Thursdays 9:30am-12:30pm 1:30pm- 4:30pm 6:30pm- 8:00pm Saturdays 10:00am-2:00pm CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS The library will be closed: Saturday, December 22, Tuesday, December 25 Tuesday, January 1 We will also not be open in the evening two Thursdays (December 13 & 20). Phone and Fax: 599-3850 email messages to libmil@,chinookarch, NOTICE There will be a work party at the Milo Arena on Tuesday December 4 starting at 10 a.m. We are repairing the baseboards around the ice area, and we need you to bring hammers, extension cords, drills, screwdrivers (Robertson bits), push brooms and a couple of shop vacuums would be greatly appreciated. It is getting harder and harder to put ice in, due to the state of these boards. If time permits, we will hopefully be replacing the carpet in the lobby with rubber matting so utility knives could be necessary also. Thank you in advance for your help and contribution in maintaining and operating a safe arena for the children. The Ice Committee. Puppies for Sale Akbash-Shepherd cross males & females Phone Roxane 599-2232 599-2482• y/OmAatMOjf&i' y/Mfr jbatrana^re. - t/ie & Jamie's Foods 9 Season's Greetings from "The Monners'" - Michael, Monica, Colin, Jennifer & Rachel a ristmas (greetings faun 'De*wc& & (fy*Christmas Trees JV#, — y*>*«i'' **W#- *' Ea®aw^i m. The Milo Community School Students' Union are selling Christmas trees again this year. The trees have arrived. Thank you for your support. Milo Arena Dues for the 2001-2002 Season (September to August) FAMILY MEMBERSHIP : $65.00 if paid before Dec. 31 $75.00 offer January l SINGLE MEMBERSHIP $40.00 if paid before Dec. 31 $45.00 after January l Please remember that the arena is used not only in the winter for skating, but also used during the baseball season. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. The arena has quite high insurance and utility costs. Please make cheques to Milo and District Agricultural Society Payment can be made at Jamie’s A.G. Foods or by mail to Milo Ag. Society, Box 156, MiloE.L.W. News Our November 14th meeting was held at the church with Pastor Ed, Linda and 8members present. Carol conducted the bible study “Our Duty; Love”. The business meeting opened with the reading of the October minutes, and the treasurer’s report. Thank you notes were received from the Canadian Bible Society and Julie and David Nelson. Also one from Extendicare at Vulcan for the dinner served them at Milo by the U.C.W. and E.L.W. A new date was set for assembly of layettes and kits, Nov 20th at 1:30 pm. Marilyn and Carol attended the Workshop at Medicine Hat on which Marilyn gave a report. Our annual dinner at Lois’ is set fro November 26th at 5:30 p.m. A donation was made to “On Eagles Wings” a ministry in Northern Canada, conducted by plane. Marilyn read a letter from our Alberta Synod President, Mavis Stegan, asking all E.L.W.’s to consider new ways to attract church members to more involvement in E.L.W. Iris advised us that invitations are ready to hand out for our Advent-Cnristmas party to be held December 3 rd. A vote of thanks was given to Audrey for making all the table favours and a letter of thanks to be sent to Joanne Monner for supplying some of the materials for them. Different committees were set up for the event and we will decorate the Church November 30th at 1:30 pm. Pastor Ed and Linda are having an open house at their new home in Vulcan on Dec 2nd from 3-9 pm. Marilyn had a quiz on the workings of the E.L.W. budget. The meeting was adjourned and lunch was served by Harriet. *********** On November 20th 6 members met at the Lutheran Church and helped put together 19 layettes , 15 Klenli-kits, and 12 school kits and then packed them ready for shipping to the Lutheran World Relief headquarters in Winnipeg. There they are baled and sent to needy third world countries. All items for these various kits are donated by church members and other ladies of the community. *************** Adenda: In the last issue of the Can l Opener a very important item was missed in the recipe for Pumpkin Pie/Cake, in the notes from East 40. It should read: After sprinkling I box of yellow cake mix, sprinkle over 1/4 cup of melted butter or mara. then sprinkle with chopped nuts. Our apologies for this missed item. In December the members of the Joint Churches Confirmation Class will hold a bottle drive. The proceeds raised are to go towards the proposed visit to the National Youth Gathering in Vancouver the summer of 2002. A trailer will be at Hope Lutheran church parking lot for any bottles, cans or recyclable tetra packs. Your donations will be appreciated.Memy OhihUnaA and Mappy JVern Mewc from G.D.'s Repair - GjeraCcC, (ginger LNlcoCe & Jax sonHistory of Alberta Schools submitted by Grant Lahd Section 28 of the School Ordinance of 1884 provided the Northwest Territorial Council with the authority to establish school districts. From that date onward, school districts were rapidly established in the territory governed by the council. By 1905, when the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta were formed, there were 1409 school districts organized, of which 535 were west of the fourth meridian, in what is now Alberta. Not all of these were one-room country schools, however. Towns were being established and cities were growing and larger schools were needed. The first school district to be set up in Alberta was the Edmonton S.D. #7. The first six schools under the Territorial Council were built in what is now Saskatchewan. The last school district established in Alberta, under the council was Bow Valley S.D. #1409 near Carmangay. Alberta then continued to number their schools from this number onward. The next school districts being #1410, 1411, etc. For this reason, numbers of school districts prior to #1409 do not run consecutively, the missing numbers having been assigned to schools on the Saskatchewan side of the border. Saskatchewan, on the other hand, picked up the numbers that were originally assigned to Alberta and thus have a continuous sequence of numbers from Moose Jaw S.D. #1 to whatever their last issued number is. Education in Alberta's one-room country schools was, for the most part, limited to grade eight. To obtain a higher education it was necessary for the student to seek admission to a town or city school. For those residing long distances from such schools, advanced education was often impossible so that the average education of children of pioneer settlers was considerably below that of today. Milo Community Hall Best wishes to everyone during the holiday season. Thank you to the Rural Initiatives Committee for the purchase of a TVA/CR, whiteboard/flip chart, and overhead projector. These items will be available to renters at no extra charge. To all of our readers: ut heovf-et wishes ~ov a JOLfOUS rrristrrkyis season Thank you to the advertisers and the many volunteers in the community zvho help with the Can Opener. V Furnace & Duct Cleaning Larry & Judy Dudley Box 023. Vulcan. AB TOL 2B0 • uio.'ti •in:-, ?u06 Col (403) 4Bt> 7704 • Col ( 403 / J & L PAINTING "SPECIALIZING IN ALL Y0UR\ INTERIOR & EXTERIOR NEEDS NORM STOKES WEEDING General and Oilfield Repair Custom Mowing New & Used Steel Sales Custom Built Trailers B-Pressure Welding ™ Norm Ph. 792-2255 Cell. 485-0365 Wade Ph. 792-2247 Craig Ph. 792-3314 Cell. 485-0288 A Christmas Light by Alan Harris At Christmas some will doubt— they'd rather see first-hand the legendary holy child than hear fine stories told. Some legends place a star above the manger scene to be a beacon guide to men who had wise gifts— but if a body of heaven were wanted to remind folks nowadays of this child who was gifted and gave, why not the unassuming moon, whose quiet beaming gives us all an inner warmth akin to Yuletide happiness? Humbly shines this second light, relaying solar guiding rays to people lost within a night who wish to find a path. Who hasn't sometimes wished to thank the moon for glowing above a ride back home from church on Christmas Eve? The lowly moon a Christmas light? How daily seem its rays to us~ no special star sent from afar that never will be seen again. If peace and softness were required, the moon has both. If mystery were needed, where could more be found? Perhaps someone is in the moon, as nursery rhymes suggest- let's grant this may be true, and this man or woman is you. The moon inside you is your inner manger birth, and you inside the moon shine gifts upon the earth.THE JOYS OF AGING MILO CURLING CLUB Sung to the tune of “These are a Few of My Favourite Things” from the Sound of Music. Maalox and nose drops and needles for knitting, Walkers and handrails and new dental fittings, Bundles of magazines tied up in string, These are a few of my favourite things. Cadillacs and cataracts and hearing aids and glasses, Polident and Fixodent and false teeth in glasses, Pacemakers, golf carts and porches with swings, These are a few of my favourite things. When the pipes leak, When the bones creak, When the knees go bad, I simply remember my favourite things, And then I don't feel so bad. MENS & LADIES CURLING Leagues will run after Xmas please phone if you would like to be on a team: Mens - contact Gerald Deitz (599-2354) or Steve Bertschy (599-2429) Ladies - contact Mary Peters (792-2154) or Barb Godkin (599-2213) Hot tea and crumpets, and corn pads for bunions, No spicy hot food or food cooked with onions, Bathrobes and heat pads and hot meals they bring These are a few of my favourite things. "Mother sent us each a Christmas card." Back pains, confused brains, and no fear of sinning, Thin bones and fractures and hair that is thinning, And we won't mention our short shrunken frames, When we remember our favourite things, When the joints ache, When the hips break, When the eyes grow dim, Then I remember the great life l"ve had, And then I don't feel so bad. "I lie awake nights wondering how you get a 10-speed bicycle down a chimney."TIPS FROM THE EAST 40 Candy Popcorn 8 qts. popped com (32 cups) Boil together for 5 minutes: 2 cups brown sugar 1 cup butter or margarine Zi cup com syrup Add: Vi tsp. salt Zi tsp. baking soda 1 pinch cream of tartar Stir well, then pour over popped com and mix well. Put com in large roaster and cook for 35 minutes in a 250°F oven. Stir once or twice. When cool, store in a dry container or plastic bags. Christmas Tree Food To help the tree keep its needles, cut a small piece from the bottom of the tree trunk. To 1 gallon of hot water, add: 2 cups com syrup 1 tsp. chelated iron (from drug store) 1 tbsp. bleach Mix well. If the tree was cut early, stand the tree in a bucket of this solution, or water tree regularly once it is in the house. HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! SEASONS GREETINGS Our thanks to the community For all their support & help. Milo Community School Students & staff HEART SONGS Eleven-year-old Mattie Stepanek has been writing poems and short stories since he was three years old. Some of his works explore the reality of living with a rare form of muscular dystrophy and the grief associated with losing two brothers and one sister to the same disease, but most of his work proclaims the innocent hope, profound wisdom and delightful humour of childhood. Here is one of his poems, Heartsong. Our local library will soon have both of Mattie's books of poetry: I have a song, deep in my heart, And only I can hear it. If I close my eyes and sit very still It is so easy to listen to my song. When my eyes are open and I am so busy and moving and busy, If I take time and listen very hard, I can still hear my Heartsong. It makes me feel happy. Happier than ever. Happier than everywhere And everything and everyone In the whole wide world. Happy like thinking about Going to Heaven when I die. My Heartsong sounds like this - I love you! I love you! How happy you can be! How happy you can make This whole world be! And sometimes it's other Tunes and words, too, But it always sings the Same special feeling to me. It makes me think of Jamie, and Katie and Stevie, And other wonderful things. This is my special song. But do you know what? Everyone has a special song Inside their hearts! Everyone in the whole wide world Has their own special heart-song. If you believe in magical, musical hearts, And if you believe you can be happy, Then you, too, will hear your song.THANKYOUS FOR SALE Thanks to all for the cards and special get well wishes I received during my recent knee surgery. This is a wonderful caring community. Thanks again. Nancy Bertschy. Thanks to everyone who came and helped me celebrate my 80th birthday at the Milo Hall Sept. 30. It would not have been a party without you. also thanks for the many cards, to sister Louise for thfe birthday cake, to my family for their special part that day. To Pat Sonntag for the M.C. job. Also to the UCW gals for keeping the lunch going. This was all greatly appreciated. You are all a great bunch. Junior (Fred) Bertschy. Thank you to everyone for your cards, phone calls, food and expressions of sympathy following the loss of our sister and aunt, Harriet White. Your support meant so much and made a difficult time a little easier. Sincerely, The Goldthorpe Family We would like to thank Dupont & Dale Kirchner for the tickets and trip to Edmonton for the CFR., and a special Thank you to Lome and Laurie Umscheid for being our hosts and taking the extra time to make sure we enjoyed ourselves. We had a great time. Blair & Dale Nelson & Dale & Colleen Deitz GET WELL WISHES To Gary McMorris and Jim Peterson. All the best from the community. DEEPEST SYMPATHY 1989 Chrysler Daytona Shelby. Fully loaded CD. player. T-roof. 175,000. km. Asking $2500. Call JanLaree Denbigh. 485-2506. GIVE AWAY Cats or Kittens. Call Brady at 599-2155 or Ken at 599-2253. 50 niy't'J Belated thanks to all of my friends who pledged me in the Terry Fox Run. Your support once again was greatly appreciated. See you next year. To Lorraine and Letty-Lynn Stumpf, Edith Garrick and Merv Goldthorpe on the passing of their sister and aunt, Harriet White of Summerland, B.C. NOTICE To those subscribers who receive the Can Opener by mail: We have switched to publications mailing and that is why your Can Opener is no longer in an envelope. The cost of mailing exceeded the $8.00 difference from regular subscriptions.DECEMBER 2001 SUN MON TUE WED lL~Lm THUR FRI SAT 1 MILO LIONS PANCAKE SUPPER & TURKEY BINGO 2 Lutheran Church 9 am 3 E.L.W. Advent- Christmas Party 4 ARENA WORK PARTY 10 am 5 Oakes House Apprec. 10 am-9 pm Lions Reg. Supper 6 T.O.P.S. 8:30 am Rhyme Time 10:30am 7 Drop-In Meeting 2 pm 8 United Church H am Crib - Drop-In Centre 7:30 pm Drop-In Bridge l :30 pm Meeting 7:00 pm VOLLEYBALL (Drop-In) Milo School 7:00-10:00pm Mixed Curling Mixed Curling 9 Lutheran Church 9 am 10 1 1 Drop-In Bridge 1:30 pm 12 Health Nurse at Drop In - 1 pm E.L.W. 2 pm 13 T.O.P.S. 8:30 am MILO SCHOOL CHRISTMAS PRODUCTION 1 pm & 7 pm 14 15 United Church 1 1 am Lions Executive Meeting 8:00 pm Mixed Curling 16 Lutheran Church 9 am United Church 11 am 17 VILLAGE COUNCIL 7:00 pm Crib - Drop-In Centre 7:30 pm 18 Drop-In Bridge 1:30 pm 19 Lions Christmas Party 6:00 pm 20 T.O.P.S. 8:30 am Last Day of School - return January 7 21 Mixed Curling Windup 22 Mixed Curling Windup 23 Lutheran Church 9 am United Church 11 am 24 Lutheran Church Christmas Service 7:00 pm 25 CHRISTMAS DAY 26 BOXING DAY SLICK-UP SALOON BOXING DAY PARTY 8:00pm 27 28 29 30 Lutheran Church 9 am 31 DEADLINE CAN OPENER Articles & News NEW YEAR’S CABARET - HALL January 4 CAN OPENER Prints January 5 LIONS FUN CASINO