Magrath Store News (February 3, 1977)

An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content. MAGRATH TRADING CO. STORE NEWS OFFICE 758-3033 GROCERIES 758-3535 DRY- GOODS 758-3252 HARDWARE 758-306-5 * STORE HOURS: Monday, Tuesday,...

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Main Author: Magrath Trading Store
Format: Journal/Newspaper
Published: J. A. Ririe 1977
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Summary:An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content. MAGRATH TRADING CO. STORE NEWS OFFICE 758-3033 GROCERIES 758-3535 DRY- GOODS 758-3252 HARDWARE 758-306-5 * STORE HOURS: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 8 A.M. to 6, P.M. . p ■ Wednesday . 8 A.M. to 1 P.M. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd, 1977 . MAGRATH, ALBERTA. HARDWARE DEPT. * bbbbbîbhbîbbsbbbbbbbbîbbbbbbbbbbbîbbîbîîîbbbîbbbî B & D DELUXE SAW COMMERCIAL 11 BUILDER 11.5 amp. WHITE IRONSTONE PLATES Dinner size, in Athena pattern. REG. $2.35 FRUIT NAPPIES: Same pa ern as above. -jz REGULAR 79c /3 OFf Ladies REGULAR $12.95 THANK YOU: The Magrath Hockey Association wishes to thank everyone who supported their Hockey Pool. First Period Winner was Roes McKenzie, 2nd Period Winner - Mae Wong and 3rd Period Winner - Frank Navratil. Special thanks to Ross and Frank for their donations. New Arrivals in Ladies 1002 Polyester Knit Slacks, jplid shades of Brown, Navy Rust. SIZES: 10-20 NOTICE: The United Church Ladies Aid will hold its regular meeting Tuesday afternoon Feb.8th at 2:30 P.M. at the home of Mrs. Dorothy McDowell, 1278 9th Ave N. Lethbridge. 1 pr. per Customer. L' EGGS SHADES: Nude, Bronze. A, B, & QUEEN 'Eggs Panty Hose in SHEER ENERGY. SIZE Suntan, TABLE CLOTHS NOTICE: The Cardston School Division is offering an evening Adult class in Shop to be held at the Magrath High School Tuesdays from'7 - 10 P.M. with Watson Ririe as the instructor. Anyone interested in the course should contact either Mr. Ririe or Noraa Pilling at 758-3177 by February 7th. If the interest is sufficient, the first class will be held Tuesday, Feb. 8th and will conclude March 22nd. We must have a minimum of 10 to hold this class and students must bring their own materials. NOTICE: Dance at Spring Coulee Community Hall February 12th, 9:30 to 1:30. Music by the Trade Winds. All members and guests over 18 welcome. THANK YOU: We would like to thank all those who expressed sympathy at the death of our wife and mother, Margaret Clifton. We appreciate the many acts of kindness shoVn during this time of sorrow for us. J. E. Clifton and Family. FOR SALE: Rabbits and Banty Chickens. Phone 758-3290 NOTICE: Will do babysitting weekends and any night but Tuesday. Patti Bourne, Phone 758-3578. THANK YOU; The Magrath Rod and Gun Club wish to thank everyone who]supported or helped in any way with their recent Turkey Bingos. Vinyl Table Cloths with flannel backing in a nice selection of patterns & colors. SIZES: 52x52 & 52x72. ’ REGULAR $5.95 . REGULAR $6.95 . REGULAR $7.95 . ********************************************* Fashionable Hand-tooled Leather Handbags in handsome designs. REG. $29.95 HAND TOOLED PURSES Handbags REC . S 3 9.9 5 NOTICE: The Magrath Rod and Gun Club will hold a General Meeting in the Lions Hall, Thursday, February 10th at 7:30 P.M. ‘FOUND: Man's Hat in box. Owner may claim by identifying. Kathy Beck. THANK YOU: A sincere "thank you" to the doctors, nurses and staff of the Magrath Municipal Hospital for-the care I received while a patient; to friends who sent cards, gifts and flowers or visited me.during my recent stay in hospital. Betty Twitchen NOTICE: Three high school girls with mornings free of classes wish to do house­cleaning and/or odd jobs mornings Monday through Friday with the exception of Thurs­days. Wish to work together. Phone Vicki Kado, Phone 758-3136. FOR SALE: Small Yamaha Organ, 3 key boards, various stops, complete octave foot pedals. Linda Saxton. Ph. 758-6663. LOST: Hand made petite point Earring in •floral ¿esign. Ireta Matkin or leave a* FABRICS $2.95 $7.95 in a Fashion- N Y L 0 N _T R ,I COT Popular Nylon Tricot in a good selection of colors. Makes up beautifully into.bedspreads, quilts, drapes, lingerie, etc. 108" wide. REGULAR $3.95 vd. SJUJIJJLS Polyester/Wool Suiting rich textured Fabric, able shades of Rust, Azure Blue, Jade Green. 68" wide. • REGULAR $9.95 yd 5 J. NA.H A M Giant 3" Check Gingham in popular shades of Red, Brown, Yellow, Blue, Navy or Turquoise all with white. 45” wide. REGULAR $3.95 yd. ***************************************** $2.39 pillow cases $19.95 SHEETS and PILLOW CASES • Beautiful Nylon Tricot Bed Ensembles, hand made with contrast­ing lace trim. DOUBLE BED ENSEMBLE: 1 fitted sheet, matching pillow cases, blue or pink. 1 flat sheet, $31.95 QUEEN SIZE ENSEMBLE: 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, matching pillow cases in white. ******************************************** $35.00 FOR RENT: Two bedroom home with bath, kitchen/living room. Mark Wong. 758-3183. NOTICE: Needed within the next two weeks - old sheets to be used for costumes for the APYW Roadshow; colored or white, cotton or flannelette. Please contact Jeannine Blumel, Ph. 758-3160. Also needed are wire coat hangers. WANTED: Work of any kind for 18 year old boy during the next 7 weeks. Contact Arlen Bennett, Ph. 758-3112. WANTED: Used Baby crib. Mrs. David Jensen. Ph. 758-6705 after 3 p.m. GARAGE SALE: Magrath 1st Cubs . is planning a bargain filled Garage Sale in the Spring. We are looking for all kinds of "good Junk" If you find yourself wondering what to do with housecleaning castoffs we will gladly collect same from you. All donations will be appreciated. Phone Jill Wakefield,‘<758-6750 or Jacquie Nelson, 758-3289. Thank you. TRI-DAWN CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING - steam cleaning, stain removal and deodorizing. Milo Wiebe. Ph. 653-3944. ATTENTION: The Mia Maids of the Magrath 1st Ward are delivering cards and flowers to anyone who would like them for Valentines* Day - that special Mom or| friend needs your love arid know that you care. Contact Mrs. Elizabeth Strong, 758-3166 or Lana Cook, 758-3074. Mr. and Mrs!’Cliff Miller have as their guest her mother Mrs. Bessie of East End, Sask. AZIZA EYE MAKE UP Popular Aziza Eye Make Up in Eye Shadow, Liner and Pencil. A good selection of colors 1/2 PUKE *************************** Sgt. and Mrs. Garry Wakely of Strathmore were Magrath visitors during rhe weekend, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mai. Mrs. Irene Strang has returned home from Salt/Lake City where she visited with her son and daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Evans. . Mrs. Lottie Harker is home from a visit with relatives and friends in Utah and Calif­ornia. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Louthen.of Sequim, Wash, were visitors during the past week at the of her mother Mrs. Cecelia Foote. Mr. and Mrs. Pat Chipman of Brandon, Man. visited with relatives and friends in Mag­rath, guests of his brother and sister-in­law Mr. and Mrs. DeVere Chipman. Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Card are visiting in Alliston, Ontario with son-in-law and Mr. and Mrs. Hans Hansen returned home from a month’s holiday at the home of their son-in-and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Allan Short in daughter Mr. and Mrs. Rick Franks and family. CLEARING AT RACK DRESSES AND CHILDREN’S WEAR CLEARING AT RACK RACK 1 TABLE OF SHOES CLEARING AT 1; RACK OF LADIES DRESSES IN A VARIETY OF STYLES AND FABRICS ONE AND TWO PIECERS INCLUDED 1 TABLE OF SALE SHOES CLEARING AT LADIES SLACKS, ETC CLEARING AT . NEW HUSH PUPPY SANDALS HAVE ARRIVED FOR SPRING. WHITE, BEIGE, BONE, BLACK, RED. SMART NEW STYLES IN WEDGE, FLAT AND HEELS. INVENTORY CLEARANCE ENDS SO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE SPECIALS. _* <* ,i\.J., e i j. Vu .L'Cjl. L the week for Auckland, New.Zealand where .she plans to spend the next year visiting with her son and daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Rollingson and family. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Anderson of Spring Coulee are receiving con­gratulations on the birth of a son born Hospital Happy and Mrs. and Mr. and Mrs. Woody Anderson of Spring Coulee. in the Magrath Municipal January 28th. grandparents are Mr. Kay Bennett of Magrath MAGRATH LIBRARY NEWS ing. $24.95 at their home in P.M. to 8 P.M. to is cordially invited • • • • • MEN’S BASKETBALL Next Mon­in Cardston. Gruninger a son born & $12.00 REGULAR $24.95 (size 42, 46). $17i95 REGULAR $16.95 élO QC (size 38,40) . reduced Men’s Dress Shirts in a nice assortment of patterns and colors. Styled by Forsyth, you can be assured of superb tailoring. Choose several at this price. REGULAR VALUES $10.95 MENgS LIGHT WEIGHT JACKETS Light weight Jackets in Polyester. Zipper front. Shades of Beige, Tan, Brown \ f 11 \ 1 'i ff ! VA r 5 r XLA Ì 1 K’/?:-» f- 11 ■ y \ In ■ V ■ LI4 j .1 .A i » I IB -j B KV I a Jt m\ 1 ’5 y Ja rj SkiRt.* 2 3 * 5- vtùr * • J The Magrath Library Board wishes to express appreciation for the foll­owing donations: 1. "The History of the Lions, District 37. The First Fify Years" presented by Magrath and District Lions Club. 2. "The History of Leah Anderson. Hamilton" presented by Mrs. Hamilton. 3. "Keys of the Kingdom" by Sterling W. Sill. In memory of Zola Whitehead from Margaret Hindley. 4 "Horses and Horsemanship Through the Ages" by Luigi Gianoli in memory of Glen L. Bennett from hl^s classmates. On Thursday,'January 27th, Arlene Bennett and Colleen Brown held an Open House at Arlenes for Ruth Rollingson who left for New Zealand on February 3rd. About 30 ladies called to offer their wishes for success and good luck on her trip. A "money tree" was provided for anyone who wished to contribute. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Whitt are home from a three week holi­day in Los Angeles and San Diego where they visited relatives and Salt Lake City where they visited with Mr. and Mrs. Ken Coleman. Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Alston wish announce the forthcoming marriage their son Bill to Miss Susan Bettger of Kelowna, B.C. on Thursday, February 10th. Following their marriage at the Alberta Temple, his parents are hold­ing Open House Magrath from 6 which everyone Magrath Trading Co. Basketball team defeated the Blood Golden Eagles 82-73 Monday night. John Balderson led with 22 points and Don Mehew added 18. The next home game is Feb. 9th against the University of Lethbridge, day they will be playing Mr. and Mrs. Richard are the proud parents of Sunday, January 30th. Happy grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gruninger of Magrath and Mr. and Mrs. MacElroy of P ennsylvania. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Harker and Mr. and Mrs. Garth Coleman are ************************** Hooded Bush Jackets in Red or Brown plaids. Warm lin REGULAR Young Men’s washed Denim Jackets in popular hooded style with zipper front, slash pockets. truly comfortable jacket for work or casual wear. REGULAR $24.95 **************************************************** men's braces Men’s elasticized Braces in a choice of widths and colors. Included are the popular new wide suspender with clip ons. Assorted colors. PPRRIICCEEDD FFRROOMM. $3.95 TO $5.00 support when Mrs. Irene Ririe the district W. and Mrs. Janet section east of CÖfERAIAS MEN’S G.W.G. COVERALLS IN SWËÀW5 EXPRESS STRIPE DENIM. FULL ZIPPER FRONT, ROOMY POCKETS. FUEL CUT, WELL TAILORED FOR HARD WEAR. REGULAR $27.95 r SHO@SALE you Men's -Sweaters in Pullovers, Vests and Cardigans including . Curling Sweaters in a choice of styles and colors. Not; is the time to save on Sweaters in a variety of styles. REGULAR $15.95 to $37.50 The Magrath Hospital Auxiliary featured Dr. Kurt Adler as guest speaker for the January meeting in the Nurses Lounge. He said high blood pressure occurs in 10 to 15% of our society who are over 50 but many are not aware they have the problem. As the con­trol is essential to prevent heart and kidney damage he suggested moderate diet and more relaxed life style. If detected between 30 and 45, control is easier so he recommended a screening program to record blood pressure and be aware of normal. This record should be kept with you in case of accident for a strange doctor to use as it will provide him with your normal rate and determine treat­ment then. He stressed the . importance of $ good breakfast as blood sugar is low then. Dr-. Adler announced the prevent­ive program for detecting scoliosis in school children has been approved by our Divisional School Board. This deformity of the spine gets worse after puberty so early detection is essent­ial for treatment. i Pres. Olive Gruninger gave a resume of the Heart Fund film and lecture by Mr. O’Neal at the Raymond Aux­iliary meeting January 19th. Magrath has a commendable record in past campaigns so we would appreciate your a member calls, is in charge of west of 1st St. Boucher has the the stores. Mrs. Irene Gruninger purchased a metal filing cabinet for Hospital Auxiliary records. Anyone having pictures or material for these is invited to send them in. We appreciate the contributions for the New Year’s Baby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russel Harker. CONGDON MARSH SHOES FOR BOYS #243 and #245 in Boys Oxfords ties or slip ons. Black with burgandy contrast. REGULAR $13.95 Why should you the public dividende. Can If you are concerned about the steep increases in the price of Gas, Electricity and Telephone, etc. we suggest you write a letter to Mr. Terry Bland, CJOC Radio, 1015-3 Ave S Lethbridge. If the Gas Co. requires additional facilities they should go to the Bank and boorow the necessary funds just as you do and provide for the expense out of operating funds, pay so that they can enhance their afford to illuminate your yard if the cost keeps increasing . Your letter will help. Magrath & District Chamber of Comm. If you are not at home when your Heart Fund Canvasser calls, will please leave your envelope with Mrs. Norma Owens at the Trading Co. or with Mrs. Beth Toomer at the Post Office^ Your donation will be appreciated and will be used wisely by the Heart Foundation. Magrath Hospital Auxiliary. you The world is divided into two kinds of people - good ones and bad ones. The good ones decide which is which. MEN’S CCNGEON MARSE TW TONE BROWN BROGUE TYPE OXFORD style in Men's Dress Shoe #1151, in two tone REGULAR $15.95 . z99 i Latest brown. Men's rrito Work Socks in i heather grey shade with white trim. Blended fibres make up this long wearing sock,. REGULAR PRICE $1.49 pl- 1# PKG 79' HM ROASTS / SWIFTS SAI^OWlCH MEATS MEAT i CHEESE LOAF,6oZPKE. 0W$ . 4» Soren Sorensen, beloved husband of Mrs. Chloe Sorensen, passed away in Fort Macleod Sunday, January 30/77 at the age of 88 years. ■ Born at Kjellerup, Denmark, he came to Canada in 1905 settling in the Claresholm district, later homesteading at Carmangay where he met and married Zylpha Nowlin on June 11, 1913, In .1928 they moved to Magrath where they farmed until he retired. He was predeceased by his wife in 1962. In 1967 he married Chloe Shaffer. He leaves a family of five children, Mrs. Bill (Oneta) Christensen and Lester both of Lethbridge, Delyle of Rosemary, Merland of Frobisher Bay, N.W.T., and Mrs. L. (Haroldine) Stevens of Lethbridge; twenty grandchildren.and twenty five great grandchildren. Funeral services were held this Thurs­day afternoorfj February 3rd in Christensen Chapel with Bishop Alan Dudley officiating. Interment took place in Carchmount Memorial Gardens, TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE DEL BONITA COUNTRY ASSOCIATION - please note "Memberships for 1977 are now due". If these memberships are not paid to your director or the sec­retary, Cecilia Patterson, by SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1977, they will be made available for new members. The Del Bonita Country Association would also like to take this opportunity to thank all members or non members who have assisted in any way to make our club such a success. Thank you. Buildings, Renovations & General Contracting, all types of excavation including water sys­tems & disposal fields, irrigation systems, At the regular meeting of the Magrath Lions Club it was decided to hold the draw for the McIntyre steer on Tuesday, March 22nd. Tickets are available from any Lion and business houses in Magrath. The proceeds from the sale of the $1.00 tickets will be turned over to the Sr. Citizens Organization to provide Roller Skates for the youth of Magrath and district. The Gym in the old school, now the Senior Citizens Drop In Centre, is being renovated and should shortly be available for Roller Skatii^g, Floor Hockey, Basketball, etc. The more money that is collect­ed, the more skates will be available. Be sure to buy your lotter ticket, you may not win the steer, but your dollar will be put to good use for the youth of the town and district and you may not be too old to try the skates. Magrath & District Lions Club. Things are happening at the old school which was turned over to the Senior Citizens Organization by the School District. In about another two weeks an invitation will be extended to you to visit the Drop In Center and observe the progress that is taking place. The Drop In Center is for the benefit and convenience of the Senior Citizens of Magrath and District. It is the hope of the Committee that this will be a friendly meeting place, that our members will make full use of the opportunity to become re­acquainted with old friends. You will be able to have a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocoate. Look at T.V. or have a friendly game of cards, or shoot a game of Billiards or Snooker. Your Senior Citizens Committee. FOR SALE: Ladies figure skates, size 5. Good condition. Phone 758-3759. FOR SALE: Goats - e milk goats to freshen in April. 1 Billy goat. Phone 758-3792. ditch cleaning, corral cleaning. Ph. 758-3471 oeâARINE *. ÏÛILET TISSUE WESTERN FAMILY 2 PLY 1M 99° FISH & CHIPS „« 99‘ I I MAGIC 16 OZi, p9 99e 32 oe 1« '::úísledressihg K R A F T / 16 OZ 99c Lard BURNS PRINTS 2¡9S$ * C5ÍÍEAL QUAKER OATS I49 4 ASPARAGUS cuts D« 2i89e PRODUCE »ÉFRUIT O8OOV SUIONS APPLES .m Celery Hearts . 89( Oranges W