Magrath Store News (July 13, 1956)

An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content. Phones: Office 21 GiTOeries 4 nmy, july 131956 Hardware 34 Dry Goods 124 MAGRATH* AIBERTA CHILDREN’S HOLLAND oWEDE JACKETS with fringe t...

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Main Author: Magrath Trading Store
Format: Journal/Newspaper
Published: J. A. Ririe 1956
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Summary:An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content. Phones: Office 21 GiTOeries 4 nmy, july 131956 Hardware 34 Dry Goods 124 MAGRATH* AIBERTA CHILDREN’S HOLLAND oWEDE JACKETS with fringe trim, zipper closing. Sizes A to 7 years. Price.$6.95 Womens ancl childrens summer coats are still reduced. Ms. Jessie (Bohnet) Petrie and babycof Calgary ase visiting with hes parents M. & Ms. Victor Bolhint. M. & Ms. Blaine Harker and family, M, & Mrs, Earl Thompson and family visited Banff and the Calgary Stampede this week. M. & Ms. Leonard Whitt have as theis gtues"ts her parents M. & Mrs. Joe Boot-ignon of Nanaimo, B. C. and her brother M, Roy Martin of Vancouver. M* & Mss. Bernard Gull, .of Bouintfp ■ „ Utah-are visiting/their daiuhter and son­in- law M. & Mrs. John Cruninger. Girls white nylon plisse slips with lace and figured nylon trie. Sizes - 6 to 6-6- years. Price. 61.98 Whhte leather moccasins lacing around the vamp "Hoottte“, stiched rubber sole. Sizes 5 to 7-2 Price.63.95 Heber C, Brown and Mavin of Oakland Clif, are visiting at the Crookston home.__________________________ ______ The Mara th Trading Co. Ltd,. Little girls rayon panties 3 rows suffled nylon lace across back, elastic at the legs. Size 2-4-6 years. Colours - pink whhte, yellow. Price.59<£ BABY CARRIAGE SET - of figmed nylon with scalloped flounce all mund, has match­ing pillow case. Price. $5.95 About 83 ladies of the 1st and 2nd ward Relief Societies motored to the Lethbridge Exjprimeetal Farm Tuesday afternoon to attend theis annual picnic. Lively games, pT^og^i'i^m and a smorgsbord were enjoyed. TEEN-AGE DANCE SATURDAY NIGHT - 8 to 10:30. Acddssion 25$i. Everybody Welcome, BOYS NAVY DENIM JEANS- elastic all around belt loops in front. Size - 3 to 7 years. Mice. $ 69 5 Wcnen’s and childsens sport caps of whhte twill, eyelet trim and adjustable chord. Price.89/i See the display of canvas causmils fos all occasions. Attending the Calgary Stampede were: Mr. & Ms. Ed Wusz^r, M, ft Ms. Denzzl Coleman, Jim BLu^elU and family, DeAnne and Rasmussen, M. ft Ms. Fred S tsa te. Ms. Boyd Lybtert and children Linda and iMaion of Moses lake, Washington ase visit­ing relatives in Mar^ia^lh. Ms. Cilbort Sheridan and daughtere of Calgary aie visiting her mother Ms. Jul-iadean Bondy and eeOhhr-sn-law Ms. Roy Sheridan. TOWN HALL NEWS The in his circular letter says, and we quote "When we told them our assessment was $1,250,000 the public ut­ilities board said we had plenty of borr­owing -pco-wr," In 1952 the town asses^m^j-i; was $841, 454 in 1953 it was $11165,909 a jump of 40% oveimight. The increase of $324,455. at 43 mils is $13,951.56 yearly. For a four year period it is $55,806.24. At one time 70 people were in line at the town hill protesting their assessment. The !M.yor kept out of sight while the Coouicil ignored their appeil. The assessment should be moved back to where it was in 1952 then there wouLd be few arrears. A $1,250,000,00 assessment for Magath is disgraceful, shocking, double wiat it should be. The tax payer stands with a millstone around his neck and no relief in sight. TOWN OF MAGRATH NOTICE TO ALL RATEPAYERS Please take notice that the 6$ discount • period for the payment of 1956 taxes will expire on the 15th of July. J, T. Steele, Sec/Treas. CITIZENS LUMBER CO. LTD. 3' x 4' Sheets tempered msonnte 72$ 4* x 4’ Sheets tempered m.ionctr $1.28 ideal for lineoleim underlay. Lower in price than fir sheathing. I Citizens Lumber C. Ltd. 1905 ~ 1956 Phone 19. FOR SALE: Spring chickens. Grant Crookston, Phone 64. FOR SALE: 7£ acres laned with crep, various rmchinery, Case praetor. Ms. Am^zLe Chetek FOR SALE: 1 cook stove, 1 sideboard, 1 kitchen table, 1 bed with, spring and mattress and hay to be cut. J. Booaa’eski. FOR SALE: Weener pigs. Wes Rice. PARK THEATRE NEWS Thursday.' ' ’ • Sweenm, in color. Friday & Sat. Timmbejack, in roarrous Trucolo» with Sterling H^^y^i^n, Vera Pnlsta David Brian, Mon. & Tue. Suddenly, starring Frank Sinat« ra and Sterling Hayden. Wed. & Thurs. Slightly SccaarLot - supers!cope technicolor, starring John Payne and Arlene Dahl. SWIMMING INSTRUCTION CLASSES Start 10 a.m. Week days. Diving Class at 12:00 Noon. Open Swimming 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 week days 2 to 5 Saturday and Sunday, TICKETS - Famiy $6.00 Single $3.00 Single Swim - 10$ under 15 yrs. and 25$ over, John Turner, Caretaker, life guard and insturctor.__________________________ Mr. c: Ms. Don of Spokane, Wash, M. P.M, Spring and friends of Irma, Alta were musts at 'the T. F.SSpring homee.______ The Alberta Canning Co* comnmnced the pea run today, July 12th< Peas from Ccal- dale, An industry that is a credit to Mg-gath, The CoiuccI, we understand, are living up to their agreement. Four members of the coiuiccI, (a mjc^i^it^y) agreec to provide adequate sewage, etc. if the Co woiuLd establish themselves here perm­anently, The contract was then let for $100,000.00 as wd recall. It’s a plant that any city should be proud of,,and we mat not overlook the good work of the Marath Chamber of Comrnece in smoothing out misuederstacdicrs• Kail damaged the pea crop of their largest grower K. Sug­imoto of Raymond, said Eugene Vooiendorf, manger. Following are dates for Taylor Stake Senior Mens Softball Playoffs. July 13,16 (if necessary) July 18, 20 &. 23 (if necessary) Come out and support your local boys in their home games, BASERAJLlJ Vvauxhai Jets v,s. Marath Eagles Saturday, July 14th. Game tm 5:30 p.m. Line Scores for July 8 th Doublrhrider. First game R. H* E. Taber - 101 010 100 4 6 0 Magath 000 002 000 2 3 1 Bateries - L. Anderson to B, Lurie N. Hilmer to G. Rice "Second Game ' ' ft. ff, "E. Taber - 402 022 011 12 9 3 Magath 000 000 025 7 8 6 Btteries =• J. Phi-Uips to B. Laurie W. Pabhuk to G. Rice Mater Bernie Sabey of Nanaimo is vis­iting at the home of his grandmother Ms. LuuICs ku^r^E^r. Junior Gleaners attending the Taylor Stake girls camp in Waaerton this week include Dora Reel, Jean Fletcher, Brenda Coleman, 1 Isscs Jensen, Mona If. r ion Robin­son and Sandra Giruiinger. Gordon Ia.Mr Harison, son Mr. & Mrs . L. A. IH.rrison and Patricia Nancy Jane r. Granger were united, in marriage Saturday June 30th at Bairir, Onnario. The wadding took place at 2:00 p.m. in Ceenral Unnted Church with a reception following the wedding at Bl.ysSairs Lodge. Dr, Burton F, Brasher’’and Dr. A, Willis Smmth acnounir the addition to the Kearns Medical Center the services of Dr. J. ' . Bernard Ccitchfirle, Physician and sur­geon - Kerns, Utah, Mr. & Ms. Earl WaSerield of WiinLock, Waihhngtoc, and Mrs. Elof Rooselle of Tol­edo, Waalhngton, spent the week-end visit­ing relatives and friends. WWhle here they were the guests of Mr. Francis Bing­ham and Mr. A Mis. Stanley Toomme. Thhir tour included the Calgary Stampede, Edmom- ton and points of interest on the weet c^^a^lt. Friends dll be happy to hear tha.t Mr. & Ms. (Gdl Atwood aeternee yesterday from Calgary with a baby boy._________________ Ann Toomer is spending a two week vacatior a_t homie._______________________________REPELLEN I. HEP insect bomb repellent o. S kA INSECT INSECT BOMB 6-12 INSECT REPELLENT. ABSORBENT COTTON.2o. FIRST AID KIT’ .Waterproof Utility Kit. I O O I H PAS I E. . . ^iTtubei. 5.1,18 value Tor TUMS. 3 sous for. ERRSrJ PRODUCE: . .(fait soils).1 # pkg. . (jtrnbo). .2 for. . (Can now, tender juicy).Case. i . (1 # carton) . (Green trsnspssent) . . (sed, juicy). . .69^ . 39<y .33i $225 . 89<¿ .23i lb CANDY. CANTALOUPE PEACHES. TOMATOES. APPLES. MELON. / Dr, & Mrs. Mrk Dahl entertained their study group on Saturday evening in honor of M. & Ms. Malcolm Bridge of Salt Lake City. Others present were: M, & Ms. Cal Alston, M. & Ms. Coo-riss, Haris, M. & Ms. Allan Anderson, M, & Mrs. Elden Colerain, M. & Ms. Roy Rollingson and family of Moose Jaw are the guests this week of her parents M. & Mis, Jack Mocore. M, & Ms, Harker left last week by train for Hlifax where they will visit their daughter and son-in-law M. & Ms. Ed Ashton for 3 weeks. Mailyn Judd of Vancouver visited last week with her grandmother Mr? . Ewama Judd and aunt Ms. Olive James, Ms. VWater Taylor, M’S. .Allan Holladay and M. Ollen Henderson ase enjoying a visit from theis parents M. & Ms. 0. C. Henderson and the is sistn and brother­in- law M. & Ms. Jessy Gillette of Silt -l-a--k-e-- --C —it-—y- . - - ___ ______ >-■ _ Ms. & Ms. Kitchener Head-and family of Salt lake City ase guests of his sistn and brother-in-law Dr. & Ms. Mirk DdSiI. On Monday the two families motored to Wrentham to visit Mr, & Ms. Jack Head. Ms,. Mary Cooper and family of New Weesnrinnter arrived in Magrath last week to attend the wedding of her brother Deemis They are the guests of her parents M. & Ms. WUace Dudley. Truth has only to change hands a few times +-n ‘ianABiia Tint.inn- BEEF STEAK. (tender, loin) per lb PRIME RIB ROAST S . f 'd'SE. :• I" RESH CHOPPED BE L P.(.de daily) .tier lb BOLOGNA BACON. ' . PICKLE & MEAT LOAF. .< (by the piece) per lb 59 i 535 .255 .265 . per . for tasty lunches).p|g . 5>5<1 On Friday, July 6th, Sheila Claire Sabey, daughter of M. & Ms. Sylvester Ssbey became the bride of Mr. D^en^is Dudley, son of M*. & Mrs* Wallace D^cle^<^;s• Bishop Emerson Blumeei performed the rites st the farm home of M. & Ms. WSLL-ace Dudley* Bridesmaids were Diena IHirker, Gloria Fletcher and Mary Jane Erickson and IM’. Ralph Sabey iiaee as best man. A buffet luncheon was served to immed-iiae friends and relatives following the ceremony. In the evening st the Assembly Hail a calling reception was held. In the re­ceiving line with the honored couple were her parents M*. & Mrs. Sabey, his parents Mr & Mr, her rracdeorher Ms. L-llian Naa’lor, bridesmaids and best man, Ms. I&ry Coopc3r, sister of the groom took charge of ^he g-iest book. Many lov­ely gifts were and lunch was served by friends and relatives. last Tuesday evening Misses DLrcr IHirker, Mary Jane 'Erickson, and Gloria Fletcher were joint hostesses st a kit­chen shower, held st the home of the litter, honoring Shueis. Those present: Misses Anne Toommr, Jolayne Thomson, Shirley Gorham, DeAnne Rismtusen, Eliza­beth Spencer, Jesncr Fletcher and. ifesdsmes Iola Marker, Ksrms Marker, L.111sc Sabey, Miry Dudley, JM.ry Coopor, Effie BBeninet, (Carol Anderson and Grace Fletcher, On July 2Sth st Iron Springs where Sheila taught school the mothers of her puppls guve s kitchen shower in her honor. After s short honeymoon the young couple will make their home in Lethbridge. Ms. Doris Jensen of Silt lake City hrs been visitnng in. th friends and rel­atives in ^as’gr^i^jh. He that frills in love with himelf will have no . rivals. Benjamin M-. & Mrs. Cterlie returned home ' this week after spending the past month in I the Booth West TTeriarriee in the icaereeae of the Boy ScolUs• They have as their guests this week M. & Ms. Evan Essex of Fort Smith, c^ip^'tol of the N.W.T, M*. Essex is the Su]P!rinaeneent of the Wood Bufalo National Park and he was guest speaker on Tuesday evening st the Lions ladies Night Lleccheirc held in the United Church. Pres. Chhsrie Matkin presided and Ms. Ireta Mtkin gave a brief account of her a.r■ic north. The new slite of officers for the 1956­57 season rre: PreeieecapFaack Gbey, Directors-Rrlch Tho-appon, Dave Bus^s^e^i and Cteu.lie Birkett, Secretary - J. T, Steele and TtSI Twite? - Jim BlaaxSl. The ladies Aid served s delicious mei. WORTH SEEINOLITTIE LEAGE BASEBALL TOURN­AMENT (Boys under 12 yrs.) Saturday - July 14th - Time 11 A. M. 1st Game - Garden City Morore v.s. Del Donnaa, 2nd Game - Ma^ra^•ah Public School v.s. Spring Coulee, 3rd Game - Wiimer v.s. Winnnr. Silver crllriairc to pry for te.seeb.ils. Trophy dolcated by the Magath Trading Co. to be swarded st this tourn­ament which will be an annual event. School Team-pClysrs: Bruce Bitumen, Jimmy IHlamitoc, Leelie Perly, De]cnLe Bergen, Vincent Bilderson, Brent IHirker, Neil B^iur^e, Robbrt Turner, Robbrt IH,rker, Nor­man AAutin, Billy Nod, Jackie Acdsmm, Gary Robinson, PawL Bllirsn, Ron Hansen, Sieg'- fried IHiag, Rene Pierrce, Stuart ¡Noton. Coach and Mmar^r: George lfesmlton. Grern City Team-PPayyrs: Craig Turner, Burke I-Hamlton, Nick Prnia)mr, Brent Ehhert Eddie Ririe, Richard PouLsen, Johnny Sheer Dennis Arndt, Blair r'ieldnm, Kent Hansen, John Tiylor, Gnem Gibb, Pat GoOeington, Billy Perljr. Ccoach: Jim Blumn, M.anger: Jay A, IHsmitm, • s $28.50 to $30.95 .$21.95 WOMENS SUMMER CO ATT a-™ regular. .s. $35.95 to $42.50 SAIB. .$29.95 REGULAR .$30.75 to $32.75 SAM. .$21.95 UTILITY COATS REGULAR. SALE. 4 childrens all wool coats REGULAR.$16.50 to $19.95 —SALE.--.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- .-. ■ .-.-.-.-.-.-. .__._._._._._._._._._._._._._.„_._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._$_12_1_.95 I \U BI3ER FOOTWEAR table OF WOJffiN’S AND childrens rubber FOOTWEAR - ODD LINES lABLE OF SHOES & HOUSESLIPPERS SWEATERS TABLE OF SWEATERS INCLUDING PULLOVERS AND CARDIGANS. ODD$ & ENDS. ITEMS AT VARIOUS PRICES ONE RACK INCLUDING BLOUSES ■ SL® SKIP" SLACKS WOMENS and childrens ©:> S WOMENS AND CHILDRENS one pack including: house­DRESSES, CHILDRENS DRESSES MATERNITY ONE & TWO PC DRESSES smocks. DUSTERS ONE RACK REDUCED-'/* LADIES- DRESSES OF- R CRYTÄLEliE, BENGALENE AYONS. ■ VISCOSE 3 ONLY- WOOL JUMPER DRE SSES COME UPST/ 'ADVAN TAGE ( INGS. FROM AIRS AND OF T HE 1 JULY I ) TAKE BIG SAVE — 6TH-3IST Come in and see our supply of matresses. Spring.$27.00 Mattress.99.50 Flower pots in mny colors, shapes and sizes. Price ran&e.6C0 to 850 PAPER DOILIES 10-9" doilies for only 250 The New Villa French fried potatoe cutter strongest and safest. $1.10 Cold Pack Canner for.'preserwing fruit and canning vegetables# A general Steel Wares Ltd. product. Holds 7 preserving jars. Price.$3.7fj Get ready for the hunting season. Buy your guns and ammuntion now. Price range in guns.$23.50 to $125,00, FiuLly automatic electric percolator - brews coffee better without vwtching or adjusting New color-glo finish.$16.95 SUNBEAM Iron maser. .12.95 Gooseneck lamps Price range.$4.75 to $6.95 . HAMMOND rocker with natural show wood Price. $49.95 Grant Wheeeir, Victor Dolhiet and Lloyd Meldrum are in Edmonton mil-king Final E:J2^Imnnticn papers. Ms, Whheler and family acccnmil.nird them also. Mr. u Mrs. Tommy IBm-an and children of Edmonton have taken up residence in l&ggath, where he is employed id. th the Alberta CaIeeLe.g Compmy. Mr. & Mrr. Leith IBrren and daughter of Red Deer are visiting in Magath at the home of his mother Mr. Stella IBrren. I DISHES IN MANY PATTERNS Lady Sylvia Old English Rose Tea Rose American Beauty Royal Albert Bone China Lawn dir designed for coIm’oct and beauty. In various colors. Price. $3.75 Electric Heeting Pad with four teereoctat connrols, removable wtshable cover, sanitary all rubber cord set, three pos­itive lieets.$9.95 Hot Plates in many sizes, vdth a large and small ^^eu. $8,50 Buui Dog Brand Steel Wool No. 2. 700 Patients in the Mirath Hoopital this week include: Ms. Lillian Mr. Ruth Wilde and baby g^a^l, M*s, Vic Hilmer, Ph tty burgess, Susan Mt1.e^c’, IBy BBennet, Frank Gutowski, Mr, Rice, Ms, Ririe, Ms, Heap, Viola Miiler, Baby Pfeffel. We htvr received a new sHjment of Mvely Policetiaiu How di.d t^he ^Hd^t liap^^ figurines to suit every taste. Motorst: My wife fell asleep in the backseat. --- Cloth hats. Straw hats from 49$ to 89$ Childrens felt cowboy hats $1.98 2.29 $4.25 Slips $1.98 $5.50 each. NYLON Slips.$2.79 Lov’Lee slips Price.$3.95 PILLOW filled with 100% Dupont Dacron-polyester fiberfill, resilient, non allergenic, lightweight, comfortable, non-batting. Color - white, pink Price Fine muslin colored pillow slips in green pink, blue, yellow. Price. .$1.98 Sheet.4.50 Mr. & Mrs, Earl Harker and Mr. 8: Mrs, Wilson Woodger of Browning, Montana re­turned Friday from Los Angeles, California where they have been visiting with Mr. & Mrs. Bob Barber (Ruth Harker) for the t"three~ weeks; . • - TOM GIRLS Get them for that camping trip. Sanforized pyjamas. Sizes - small, medium and lafge. Regular.$3,95 Mow. 3.16 Nylon nighties for $1.98 4 yard print-pak $1.98 ARHEL the beaut­iful new carefree triacetate fibre, washes easy by hand or machine, will not shrink, holds shape Colors - pink, blue white, Price ladies slips in white Genuine Kaybar Regular.$3.25 Now. 2.60 With strap or built in shoulder. Mr. 8: Mrs. Elsworth Scoville and family of Edmonton visited over the week-end at the home of her mother Mrs, Annie Gibb, Mr, 8c Mrs, Tyler Alston, Hope and Doug Alston left Monday for a vacation to the coast,.'; Ladies and girls straw hats for the garden. Marigold SWEDETTE LINED RUBBER GLOVES . curved fingers for comfort . swedette lining to absorb perspiration . crepe finish for non-slip grip. Sizes - small, medium and large. Price. 98$ Socks - cotton. Nylon. Stretchy . 25$ . 59$ 59$ to 6% NYLONS in many shades.79$ and up. DAN RIVER PLAIDS - in red, white and multiple color plaid. Price. $1.00 yc Mr. Lolavee Jensen left Sunday for, Winn­ipeg on business for the Sugar Beet Growers. Dr. Robert Dalderson left Thursday for Ottawa where he plans to set up his Dental Practice. The Magrath Trading Company, Ltd. --2.95 MATERNITY COR­SET OF BROCADED COUTIL 1 size 30 in, 1 size 28 in. REGULAR NOW--- SUMMER REDUCED BOND' RARER FOR REN OR TYPE 150 SHEETS---695 IOO ECONOMY envelopes--CC5 ✓ BROADCLOTH IN MANY ATTRAC­TIVE COLORS ONLY 395 YD. NECK SCARVES REGULAR $149 NOW HALF PRICE The moot poweeful foam of energy one can generate is not mechhairal, electronic or even atomic energy, but prayer energy. Watch for the July clearance sale. - <3.75 ---205 T- SHIRTS ' REGULAR­NOW— REGULAR—2.C5 NOW --- -2. I 9 BOXER SWIM SUITS onc; REGULAR --- 2.95 N OW --- 2J9 The Magath Trading Co-Emy Ltd. a good place to trade