Magrath Store News (July 22, 1955)

An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content. PHCNJS-OFFI CE 21- HÂxiDw/LE 34- DRY GOODS 124 Groceries 4 Friday July22nd. Swim Trunks • •••«••••••a* Flags ALL SIZES . 200 and up PURE...

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Main Author: Magrath Trading Store
Format: Journal/Newspaper
Published: J. A. Ririe 1955
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Summary:An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content. PHCNJS-OFFI CE 21- HÂxiDw/LE 34- DRY GOODS 124 Groceries 4 Friday July22nd. Swim Trunks • •••«••••••a* Flags ALL SIZES . 200 and up PURE ALL WOOL SPORTS JACKETS WITH WINDOW PANE DESIGN.,.§14.95 eeoa4C£oeaae • ••e.aaooac. WE HAVE COOL SUMMER STRAW HATS IN STOCK FOR EVERY OCCASSION. ” THEY WEAR LONGER BECAUSE THEY’RE MADE STRONGER' " ’’BOUGHT BY MORE CANADIANS THAN ANY OTHER BRAND.” Stock HUSKY WORK SHIRTS . . TEXAS RANGER WORK SHIRTS . SATEEN TWILL SUMMERWEIGHT SHIRTS SPRINGBOK SHIRTS. MEN'S RED STRAP PANT OVERALLS MEN’S RED STRAP BIB OVERALLS. MEN’S RED STRAP JACKET. §4.75 §6.25 06.25 COW BOY KING RIDER PANTS COW BOI JACKETS. BOY’S EXPRESS STRIPE BIB OVERALLS CARPENTER BIB. OVERALLS . PAINTERS BIB OVERALLS . ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: "T" Shirts So cks LOAFER "T” SHIRTS IN MESH. Short sleeves. . .$2.95 WHITE ”T” SHIRTS WITH RED AND WHITE STRIPE TRIM. $2.45 PLAIN WHITE "T” SHIRTS. 650 & $1.50 DUCLE HOLEPROOF SOCKS. .$1.15 HOLEPROOF COTTON SOCKS.98 NYLON STRETCHIES.980 & $1.50 McGREGOR HAPPY FOOT' SOCKS.980 Mrs. Margaret King, widow of the late T.O.King and mother of Mrs. Louise Fowler passed away in the Raymond hospital on Monday after a lengthy illness. I The funeral was held on Wednesday with interment in the Temple Cemetery, Raymond. ATTENTION CI SENS 18 to 65 "IT'S TIME TO ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVE" GIVE NOW AT THE RED CROSS BLOOD DONOR CLINIC AUG. 10TH. 2 to 3 and 6 to 9 P.M. AT WElLIlJC- NALL. E. Toomer-(Pub, Agent) • anioooofloeao A party which took the form of a Coleman Reunion was held at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Bennett on Friday night with thirty six guests present. The out of town guests were Mr. A Mrs. Bernard Gull of Bountiful, Utah, Hr, ' Mrs. Yore Ackroyd of California, Mrs. Dale Gibb of Salt Lake City, Mrs.Dorothy ilsatherhead of Claresholm,Mr. & Mrs.Percy Poulsen of Taber and Pamela Coleman of Devon, Alta, STORE OPEN MONDAY. CLOSED WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON. 0 DEAD EAGLES Monday a wool buyer took us to Twin River to look at our own clip via Milk River. During the three weeks from the time we started shearing until we finished the rains had washed practically all the sand and. grease out of the fleeces. The wool was much cleaner than they had described it to be. A year ago the advance was 30$ a lb. This year 25p. Not so good. A lot of spear grass, bad on lambs. On the road west of Milk River were live bald eagles and dead ones. The latter had been shot and tied to posts with their wings outstretched along the barb wire fence. We have yet to hear a reasonable explanation for shooting these powerful birds of flight. The Emblem of the United States "DO YOU CARE "? THEN DRIVE WITH CAREI OOoa*«0c«oa Mommy’s nervous when Daddy drives« Me too. He races all I . the time. We might get | // killed. He doesn't seem to care. The May snow storm destroyed the nests and killed all the young pheasants if any were hatched. We have only seen one brood of young ones. "Give me a child until he is seven, and in later years he will not depart from his teachingsU Words of a wise teacher. FOUND— Boy's wine swim trunks and towel. Apply up stairs. 7T, FOR SALE — 350 gal. heavy duty fuel tank, large size Coleman oil heater-$165,OO when new. Enamelled kitchen range with $79.50 oil unit installed. Used one winter. Comple with 60 feet of pipe and tubing and all valves. ALL FOR JUST ,150.00 - Junior Turner ;e FOR SALE House and large lot with barn, chicken coop ano run, granary, bunk house and coal shed. Town water. Gas line piped in house. Nice shale trees. 1 block west & one block south of Trading Co. - See Frank W. Brown. Joe Ponomar FOUND -- Small childs' ring. -Phone 138 ' FOR SALE OR TRADE- for e«iual ^alue, The Magrath Hotel. Seo Wm. Christensen. • oooaecav IOST - At river by Ray Harkers, a pair of little boy's new o:cfords. Contact Mrs, Wallace Dudley. • nooaaaador oooaoooaaoo FOR SALE- Young heifer calf Lg- yrs. old. Mrs. Ann Chetak. A number of friends were invited to the home of Mrs. Beatrice Harker on Tuesday^ afternoon. For entertainment, flower arrange­ments were demonstrated by Miss Dawn Robinson who received the highest marks at the B.Y.t in this class. She demonstrated various-ways of arranging flowers, told what to do a nd what not to do. later e ach guest arrangeda coquet and. tho prize went to Mrs. Myrtle Smith. Mrs. Alberta Dudley and Mrs. Smith tied with iirs. Smith breaking the tie. Dawn was presented with a purse atom­izer and lip stick in appreciation. Those present ware, Afton Keeler, Allie Robinson, Afton Anderson, Maud Ririe, Alber sa Dudley, Virginia Wilde,Myrtle Smith, Blanche Holman,Lottie Harker, Jill Merkley, Luella Harris, Nel15a Ririe, Dosmona Harris, Mrs. Larson and SZiaron Harker and Dana Dudley. The ideas in this demonstration were so original and beneficial and were receivepd with so much enthusiasm that the 1st.Ward Relief Society is having a return engagemen a t their next work meeting before Dawn leaves for Calgary where she has accepted a teaching position. t GET YOUR THE LUNCH Mr. Alta, are CONES AND SUNDAES FROM ANNIE AT COUNTER. c: Mrs. Dever Coleman of Devon, visiting relatives in Magrath, "THE nAGRATH LADING COMPANY LIMITED" BELOW ARE THE WINNERS OF THE ONE DAY DERBY HELD SUNDAY JULY 17TH. . TROUT PIKE Mitch Yamamoto Jack Flaman Geo. J. Lee Walter Paul John Heck Eric Holm Ken Ito Kirk Lessei Junior Members Roger Flaman Billy Perley H:lVì BìSCK tuhwed A REMINDER Two reporters were on a tour of a new telephone building. As they viewed the maze of equipment one of them noticed a small bowl in which a pair of gold fish swam. "What's that for ?” he asked. "That", answered his companion ably put there as a reminder were invented, by. God.’’ ” was pro that some thin Pork.Pie Hats Boys. Regular Reek End Spec & e . I. 49 The Walter Callow Coach with its dis­abled and elderly passengers spent an hour in Magrath on Tuesday. Linen Tea Towels . Small Size.3 for 1.00 Large size.Tach 490 Visitors at the H.O.Bly home recently were .Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Gray of Giscome,B.C. Mrs. Archie Ruggles of Champion, Mr. & Mrs Jack Root of Coleman, Mr. & Mrs. Ben Durm of Turin, Mr. & Mrs. Roy Bly of Lethbridge Sgt. & Mrs. Dean Bly of White horse and Mr. & Mirs. Julian Christensen. A family reunion was held. ::::::::::: Mrs. Sadie Taylor has returned after spending a short holiday with her sister and brother-in-law Mr. & Mrs. John Turner of Calgary. Store Open.Monday. . Closed Wed.afternoon. The love you give to others The good you daily do, The friendly hand you proffer Brings happiness to you. The road to dailu happiness Is not hard to find. It's what you do for others That brings you peace of mind In the Hardware Dept Pad & Envelopes Both for 27/ HOSPITAL PATIENTS THIS WEEK :- Mesdames Julia Ririe, Sadie Rice, Laura Anderson, Johanna Neilson,Lydia Felger, Leona Loxton, Mr. Joe Greenwood,Peter Borrhyn,John Robinsor Ralph Harker, Baby Gutowski and Baby Cartari Harriett Strate and son, Hazel Gorham and daughter, Nerita Simpson and son. Blessed are they that have nothing to say, and cannot be persuaded to say it DO NOT DELAY. SEE US ABOUT YOUR GAS FIX­TURES NOW -ó» J Prices effective _ Friday a Saturday July 22nd.& 23rd Store open.Moñ« | Closed Ped.afteii Cheese no en. P YELLOW CANADIAN BULK . lb.45/ Cookies EMS HOT LOG ROLLS FOR YOUR BIONIC IIJ Tomatoes arrowroot animal COOKIES 20 OUNCE TINS Syrup ROGENS NEW LIGHT SYRUP 2 tins.450 Soup CAMPBELLS - CHICKEN OR BEEF Puffed Wheat Aspirins 100'S Btle.730 3 tins.550 Turas prairie maid BUSHEL 3 PKGS. FOR «> 250 MARTINS z Gem Rubber .längs 2 doz.210 2 lbs. .410 Perma Pursing Botties( Colgate Dental Cream . . . TRY., GARDQiIiiii)Q^Ea„--.J,1,18 MLUE. Gem Metal. Ri ng Do z. 430 . 530 2 giant tubes.890 udciii i PLASTIC COMPLETE) b a Cherri es Strawberries (BINGS). .lb. 37/ (LOCAL). . bsk. 250 . /at erm el on Tomatoes 2 #17/ .ctn, 290 Cantaloupe Pop (PLUS >XPQ8IJ) (JUMBO). 2 for 450 24 btls. . . ,4.37 Beef Roasts (BOUH> DOME shouibbr45c’ Pork Sausage (CAMP FIRE CELLO), 45p' for Friday and Saturday July 22nd.& 23rd. • ••0040900004»» • ••■■•Ooosaaa no Pork Shoulder boast . (IEAN).L3., 42^ Beef Stewing.Meat | (CUBED). . 45^ Salmon . | (FRESH COHOE).LB. . 55^ Beef Liver . (SLICED).,.13. .45(6 : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : s Nanaimo, B.C. July 13 th./55 Ur, Horace Ririe, Marrath, Alta. Dear Horacej- I am sending you the number of some oxfords I got from you three years ago. I would like you to send a pair to Lantzville B.C, if you have them in tan or black calf. The No. is 4-105-859-13. Size is No. 10 . I hope to visit you in August. From what we hear things look good for a crop this year. I hope so. Things are good here. With best wishes to you all, Yours truly Ike Sabey TO-DAYS RECIPE — ORANGE PINEAPPLE DRINK. Boil for 3 minutes, 1 cup of sugar, 2 cups of water . Cool and add 1 qt, of pineapple juice. Freeze until mushy. : 1 large scoop in glass and fill with ginger ale. Corrine Hamilton. Trouble with some people is all they ever have saved up for a rainy day is an old umbrella. Magrath Juveniles lost the first game of a best of three semi final to the Picture Butte Braves. Reid Chipman pitched a good game but succession errors in the 6th. and 9th. innings proved very costly. The locals came back to take the second game by a 13 - 4 score. Ervin Hillmer and Jerry Lawler held the Butte team to 4 hits. Jim Rioley led the hitters with a triple and a single. 1st, Game R H E P. Butte 020 014 004 11 9 7 Magrath 012 100 101 6 6 1 Reitee to _ . Ferguson R. Chipmaii to Cook 2nd. Game P. Butte 000 130 e 4 4 4 Magrath 430 402 X 13 13 2 Ichino, Johnson to Ferguson Hillmer, J.■awlor to Y. Kunimoto fir, & Mrs. Willie Wocknitz entertained the following guests at dinner on Wednesday Sgt. & Mrs. Dean Bly and son of White Horse Y.T. Mr. ihrs» Jesse Gray of Giscome, B.C. Mrs. Jack Root and son of Coleman, Mrs. Archie Ruggles of Champion and Mr. & Mrs. H.O.Bly. Bummer combinations IN SIZE 2 . RZG'tfuHl 980 . SPECIAL 490 • • • • • * • WE HAVE A FULL STOCK OF PATTERNS IN NOW. Glee Sellens of Calgary is a guest of Miss Maril Toomer.«»•a*«««« Special (New) Printed beach Cloth Now just 79/ Reg. i?l. 10 : Mrs, Annio Booth of Stettler, Mr. & Mrs Gerald Booth of Vancouver, B.C. and Mrs. Margaret Hughes of san Francisco were recent visitors of Mrs. Elizabeth James. WE HAVE ALL TOUR SEWING NEEDS. • Garth Leishman o. Cut Bank, Mont, spent the week ¿nd with his mother, Mrs. Ada Leishman. Mrs. Wi'-gel of Lathbridge has been the guest of &ai> MISCELLANEOUS;- Daclone Nylon Curtain Materials in all colors AT THE PARK THEATRE THIS WEEK:­" THE CO’.MAJ® ” STARRING Guy Madison. Fri., and Sat. July 22nd. & 23rd. ’’GIVE A GIRL. A BREAK" with top musical talent, lion, c: Tues. July 25th. & 26th. " THE IRON GLOVE " with Robert Stack and BOX’S - : sol a. 55c LITTLE BOX’S POCKET ¡LIVES.550 KEY RINGS .590 SUN GLASSES .250 to 750 NECKLACES .250 and up LEATHER SHOE LACES GARDEN GLOVES . pr.390 "THE MAGRATJI TRADING COMPANY " ” £ Qi .r.j PLACE to trade " • »ffoooc«*! . o««oo44vooa Ursula Thiess. Wed. & Thurs. July 27th. & 20th. "BLACK HORSE CANYON" with Joel . . McCrea and Mari Blanchard. Ill ng CITI e Fri. I Sat. July 29th. & 30th. •:: I: BROADCLOTH PYJAMAS „ r, , x n „4. ip . SIZES 8 to 10. REG.2,98 Mr, V. E. Bohnet left Friday , „■ _ i -r^ -r-r t 1 i 1 *11 OlijU l/ilj » » j t ( /C by bus for Provo, Utah where he will attend summer school at B.Y.U, Wallets CREPE NIGHTIES FOR LADIE'S REG.$2.85 SPECIAL.$1.98 ENGLISH MOROCCO WALLETS. .05.00 & $6.00 WALLETS . 750 to 980 JUST ARRIVED — GIRL’S SLIPS - NYLON AND PRE SHRUNK PLISSE. No ironim, needed. ALSO GIRL'S CREPE Our Blanket Special is still good. "I tried to tell my wife what's what: A silly thing to do. I had no more- than just begun When I found out who’s who." PYJA2.1S Mr. Jack Morton of Warner was a business vis­itor in Magrath on Monday. The death occurred in a Pincher Creek hospital recently of Mike Stogrin, formerly of Nagrath. He was badly burned in a bunk house fire at the Johnson Saw Mills a few weeks ago. He was buried at Pincher Creek. G-arden Hose 1 PLY RUBBER HOSE- 50 FT. LENGTHS-$5.95 1/2 " CLEAR FUSTIC- Guaranteed 10 years. .$7.75 1/2 " PLASTIC WATER HOSE. Six year guar­antee .$5.95 VIE ARE NOW PREPARED TO GO TO WORK ON THE INSTALL­ATION OF GAS FIXTURES. WE HAVE A GOOD SUPPLY OF CHINA IN STOCK. OPEN STOCK AND ODD DISHES. McClary . Refrigerator Reg- ¿339-00 Sale ,¿299-00 Down payment / 29 o90 ,.>12-00 per month for 24 months- NOT WATER HEATER GAS 30 GAL. HOT WATER Hit!A WR ' Guaranteed for 3 years. Mr. &. Mrs. Emery C-run-inger and family of Pinchsr Creek were Wednesday guests of his brother and sister-in-law Mr. ’ Mrs. Vic Gruninger. o c □ o o o o o o o o c c Mr. & Mrs. Norman Nelson and family of Calgary and Mrs. Anna Nelson of Nelson,B.C. were week end visitors at the Geo. Lee home. Mr. & Mrs. Nelson returned to Calgary on Sunday and Mrs. Nelson will remain with her daughter for a visit. Mr. c Mrs. Geo, T. Dudley and three oldest children spent last week in Spokane where they visited her brothers and sisters ATTENDION MOTHERS WATCH FOR THE PARADE OF BABIES-1 mo.-6 yrs. SPONSORED BY 2ND.WARD RELIEF SOCIETY. FURTHER PARTICULARS NEXT WEEK. For Camping COLEMAN 2 BURNER CAMP STOVE. $17.95 COLEMAN COOLER FOR CAMPS OR PICNICS. Curved construction for easy cleaning. Hidden hinges. Recessed "no lose" drain plug. Donna Bennett is spending a holiday with her brother and family in Medicine Hat. Mrs. Keith Bennett has been visiting her parents Mr. A Mrs. Jim Hunter. o o ■> g e> a J c * ’ ’ J J WE INVITE YOU TO BROWSE AROUND IN THE CHINA DEPARTMENT. ALL REASONABLY PRICED. o o o o o o o Mr. €. Mrs. Roy Arakl and family arrived home Friday after spending two weeks in Toronto and Montreal where they visited her brother and sister - in- law Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Ito and family. See the McClary 30" Claire Jewel Gas Range ,293.00 WITH AUTOMATIC CLOCK STARTING AND STOPPING OVEN. BE SURE AND SEE THE KITCHEN RANGE WITH THE BUILT IN H^TER.$289.00 Tommie Hillmer entertained some little friends on Tuesday afternoon in honor of his birthday. Culti vator' CHORE MASTER GARDEN CULTIVATOR. REGUUR PRICE.$172.00 SPECIAL PRICE.$139.00 'HOUSEHOLD HINT*. . • . To keep bugs and flies away from trash cans, place a few crushed moth balls under the paper in the bottom of the can. / A few new blouses have arrived. Sleeveless cotton and a few dressier styles in Dacron. $3.50 -- $4.95 Mr» -A Mrs. Glen Lathrop of Seattle, Wash, were visitors at the home of Mrs. Lathrop’s sister and brother -in-law, Mr. ■-1 Mrs. Earl Neilson last week. aa na n• ooaaco»« a e a Mrs, W.E.Dickson and family of Lovell, Wyoming are visiting relatives in the district. Mrs. Wanda Gibb returned to her home in Salt Lake City on Tuesday. Children's ihite © S in one strap and T strap style. .43.95 - $4.95 Mr. S. Mrs. Dan Rusler and family re­turned on Sunday after spending a two weeks vacation at Vancouver. THERE ARE STILL A FEW CHILDREN’S AND LADIE’S EVERYDAY STRAW HATS. 69tf - 75tf - 950 ALSO LADIE’S DRESS HATS AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. JUST A FEW LEFT. Lady Anne Cardigans SANF0RLA1' ALL WOOL CARDIGANS WITH COLLAR. Colors, Pink, Turquoise, Blue, Tan etc. 16 to 20 yrs«.-. $5.95 "LADY ANNE" CHILDREN'S CARDIGANS 2 to 4 yr! Color Red, White, Yell-w and Pink © $3.98 ■ Mrs. Geo. Lee has returned after spend­ing a holiday at Calgary and Sylvan Lake. Pyjamas CHILDREN’S SUMMER WEIGHT PYJAMAS in Ye How , Green, Blue, mesh knit.$2.98 Caps LADIE’S PEAKED WHITE DRILL’GAP.Just 790 :::::::::::::: Little Judy Mikado entertained a number of little friends on July 14th, in honor of her fifth birthday. ■ 11': : Î : : : : : s' I&sc in the morning full of gratitude for a new day. . . •­Aprons Slips GIRL’S WHITE COTTON TIERED SLIPS, with embroidery eyelet trim. 10 to 12 yrs. ‘ . $2.25 ' ::::::::::::::: Mr. &. Mrs, Mead Coleman of Medicine Hat, Mr. & Mrs. Ted Clifton of Chief Mountain, Mr. & Mrs. Henning Anderson of Lethbridge, Mr. & Mrs, Dan Holladay of Warner, Mr. & Mrs. Jim Clifton of Fort MacLeod, Mr. & Mrs. Doug Nelson of Winnipeg and Don Holman of Portland, Oregon have been recent visitors in Magrath. LADIE’S COTTON PRINT APRONS in Assorted Styles and colors. 980 -$1.19 - $1.75 iJAVY PLASTIC FACTORY APRONS .$1.60 WE STILL HAVE SOME OF THOSE FRILLY LITTLE NYLON DRESSES FOR TLE LITTLE MISS. DRESS HER UP FOR PIONEER DAY, JULY 25TH. I;;:::::::::: Mrs. Haroldeane Plourd & children of Carmangay are visiting at the Soren Sorenson home. Get justly, distribute cheerfully and live contentedly. DENNISONS" DIAPER LINERS: Pkg. of 30.400 Pkg. of 150. $1.75 BOY’S NYLON PLISSE. SHIRTS, White with assorted colors. 6 0 6X . $1.49 PHONES. .OFFICE. .21; HARDWARE.34; CRY GOODS.124; GROCERY DEPARTMENT.4. FRIDAY, JULY 29th, 1955. DENIM JACKETS J FROU" ARRAY OF and PRICES --- GIRLS " BOY " BLOUSES. A MUST FOR YOUR SLACKS, JEANS BABY FANCY PANTS WITH RUFFLES ACROSS THE BACK. PLASTIC LINED. IN COLORS WHITE, PINK, BLUE, AND YELLOW. FOR A SUITABLE GIFT CHOOSE ONE OF THESE .$1.98. ATTRACTIVE SHADES OF RED AND GREEN SIZES 6-6X $1.98 ' "FRONTIER” STYLE SLACKS OF B ARMY TWILL. THESE ARE SUN FAST AND TUB FAST. SANFORIZED SHRUNK. AVAILABLE IN SHADES SEE THE TABLE OF SHORT; SLACKS, PEDDLE PUSHERS, FADED BLUE VISCOSE AND N ACETATE SLIPS FOR Jfe- THE 2 and 3 YEAR FST OLD SIZE, THESE A 14 HAVE THREE TIERS OF ‘ EMBROIDERY ON SKIRT AND ONE AROUND TOP AND STRAPS j A NICE GIFT. " T " SHIRTS IN A GOOD RANGE OF ASSORTED COLORS. STRIPED SHORT SLEEVE CREW NECK STYLES, OR IN PLAIN SHADES THAT MATCH UP WITH ANYTHING. PRICED FROM 98tf TO $1,50. ________J AN / ’ / COLORS, ' /WELL WITHIN YOUR BUDGET. OF RED, HELIO, PINK, SIZES 12, 14, 16«. PRICE: $4.95. "ESMOND" BABY BLANKETS. AVAILABLE IN PLAIN COLORS WITH FIGURED SATIN BINDING. DUCLE STRETCH SOCIS. BODY OF 100% NYLON. MERCERIZED COTTON TO.5, HEEL, aND TOE. PINK, YSIlOw, WITH CONTRASTING FIGURED DESIGN. .$1.15. WRONG NAM _ , ■'Two privates had adjoining cells in the brig. "And what are you in for?" asked the first private. "Oh, I was assigned to the officers party/r said the second private, "and the captain told me to stand at the door and call the officers names." "HAPPY FOOT" HEALTH SOCK. THE ORIGINAL CUSHION SOLE. COMFORTABLE, ABSORBANT. SHADES TO MATCH THE NEW PACIFIC SUCK. .HELIO, PINK, . .YELLOW. .BLUE. PRICED FROM. 95# TO.$1.10. Master Tommy Klippert celebrated his fifth birthday Tuesday afternoon. Many little friends enjoyed an afternoon of games and dainty refreshments served by his mother, Mrs. Howie Klippert. Tommy was the recipient of many nice gifts. Mrs. Pauline Critchfield and sons and Mrs. Geraldine Anderson and family were Monday visitors in Magrath, GLOVES BY WATSON. .THE WEAR IS THERE. SIZE RANGE.9 to 11. .PRICED FROM $1.50 • to $3.60. BUCKSKIN HAND MADE ROPER GLOVES. . ip 2 • 2 5 • About 4,000 acres of crop in the Hill­spring area of southwestern Alberta was al­most completely destroyed by a severe hail storm on Monday, July 11. This was Alberta's first serious storm this year. WE HAVE A WISER OF CASUAL SHIRTS FOR THE YOUNG MAN OF THE HOUSE. WAFFLE CREPE IN ATTRACTIVE FIGURED DESIGNS. •Plastic rain coats. A must in. any man's wardrobe. small medium, large.$2.95 Mr. and Mrs« Miko Cook, accompanied by Mrs. Ethel Braithwaite and Miss Myrtle Park­inson (who ’.Jill visit in Utah) left Tuesday for Los Angeles where they will attend the graduation .exercises of their daughter Marlene from the Los Angeles Methodist Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Strongand family, Mr. and Mrs. John Balkin and family of Raymond, and Mr. and Mrs, Clifford Miller and family are visiting in B. C. IT IS THE NEW P A C I F I PEG BY MONARCH. ARMY TWILL SANFORIZED AND WASHABLE. TUB FAST, . SUN FAST. CAMPUS STYLE TAPERED BOTTOMS. CALIFORNIA STYLE CONTINUOUS WAIST BAND. DEEP PLEATS. COLORS. .PINK.CHARCOAL,. .HELIO. •. .$3.95. Mr. and Mrs, Jack Spring and daughter, Mrs. Joyce Campbell of Calgary left Satur­day for Lewistown, Montana where they will visit their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Shelton. OUR SUPPLY OF WORK GLOVES AND DRESS GLOVES IS VERY GOOD, DROP IN AND SEE THEM. PLASTIC COATED GLOVES. GAUNTLET TYPE. .$1.45« WRIST IEiTGTil. .95# •. . PLASTIC DOT GLOVES.59# TA-PAT-CO- JERSEY WORK GLOVE.55# "Mealtime is, as one overworked mother put it, when the kids sit down to continue eating." FOR SALE: 4 room stucco house. Cheap for cash or :,?500.00 down and balance as rent. Apply A. W. Passey. Box 583 Bowness, Alberta. FOR SALE: Burbank cook stove. Has hot water jacket for a ¿fi gallon hot water tank. Also cupboard. H. C. Poulsen. WANTED: Someone to clean the manure from my barnyard. Lloyd Meldrum. Phone 220. FOUND: Blue plastic change purse. Upstairs. LOST: One Jersey Bull. Ring in nose. Anyone knowing its whereabouts notify Russel Blumel. NOTICE: On August 5th the Grain Club members will tour the plots. All members are to meet at the High School at 10:00 and bring their own lunch. Donna Wocknitz. LOST : Ground residence and please return sheet between Rondo Robinson's the Fire Hall. Finder to: Rondo Robinson. FOR SALE: 350 gallon heavy duty fuel tank, large size Coleman Oil heater - ¿165.00 when new. Enamelled kitchen range with $79.50 oil unit installed. Used one winter. Complete with 60 feet of pipe and tubing and all valves. ALL FOR JUST $150„00 Junior Sirner, FOR SALE: Furnace oil burning conversion unit to convert a coal burning furnace to oil. Also 0. 40 gallon electric hot water heater, RALF PRICE. Horace Ririe. ATTENTION CITIZENS 18 TO 65. "It's time to roll up your sleeve." Give now at the Red Cross Blood Donor Clinic August 10th. 2 to 3 and 6 to 9 p.m. A ombined. clinic of tho Raymond, Magrath, Spring Coulee, Del Bonita and Twin Rivers dist­ricts. at the Welling Hall. Transporta­tion available to Welling from the Town Hall. E, Toomer (Publicity Agent) THEATRE NEWS: Wed. and Thurs.: Young Man With Ideas with Glenn Ford. Friday and Saturday - Stormy - with Lucille Ball. Also "Look Whose Laughing". Mon. & Tues. Aug, 1st and 2nd - "Far Horrizons" with Fred McMurray, Charlton Heston and Donna Reed. Color, Visa. Vision. Mr, and Mrs, Theron Bennett and family were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Bennett Sunday. He who loves himself has few rivals. Mr. and Mrs. John Helm and daughter Janice of Colfax, Wash, arrived in Magrath Wednes­day. • Mrs, LaVaughn Coombs and daughter Patricia of SanBernando Calif, are visiting at the home of her sister Mrs.«Chaales Matkin and family. Hrs. L.A.C.O. Hunt and sons David and Peter of Fort Smith, N, W, T. have also been visitors at the Matkin home. Visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W, J Anderson were Mr, and Mrs. Ed Bassett and daughter Margaret of Winnipeg, Miss Sharon Leishman and children of Tom McAdams, and Mrs. Murphy of Creston, B. C, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Tveter of Walnut Creek, Calif, are visiting relatives in Ma gra th. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis James of Edmonton are the proud parents of a son born July 16th. Mrs. Olive James is in Edmonton visiting at the home of her son Dennis, and Lgrry James. Mrs. Grant Ogden and daughter of Sterling spent the week-end with her parents Mr. and Hrs. E. T. Law. Mrs. Kathleen Thomson of Lethbridge spent the week-end. in Magrath. Mr, and Mrs, m, WA,Passey and children of Bowness spent the week-end in town. Mr, and Mrs. L. B. Tanner accompanied by Mrs. C. A, Bennett and Mrs. Lloyd Sabey left Thursday morning for Logan, Utah where they will attend the Rich Reunion. Mr. and Mrs. Ollen Ririe,of Salt Lake City Utah, visited Ririe cousins in Magrath Tuesday. Mr. Ririe is the manager of the Utah Power and. Light Co. Mr. and Mrs. Sid Morley of Burley, Idaho (the former Melba Tanner) are the recent parents of a baby girl. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Seward and family of Des Moins, Iowa visited at the homes of his brothers, Frank and Earl Seward. Sunday a family reunion was held at the Jensen Reservoir. Mr. Lyle McLachlan of Sarnia, Ontario is visiting at the home of his sister Mrs. John Flaman and family. The Rod and Gum Club banded magpies have been turned loose. These birds are worth from one to twenty—five dollars. Any bird killed must be turned in with the band on to Douglas Harker. Miss Zina Bennett and friend Miss Culp of Edmonton were visitors at the V. A, Bennett home. Mrs, Mae Jasman of Lethbridge was a visitor at the J. C. Robinson home Monday and Tuesday. Audrey and Johnnie Gouw of Barnwell were week-end visitors in Magrath, Mrs. Fred Palmer of Lethbridge visited in Magrath Monday.fl V SATURDAY, JULY 29 & 30. 6748511636039182 T- BONN STEAKS. .choi ce beef. .per lb. . 63d PORK LAG ROASTS. . me<^ty. .per lb. .49$ PORK LOIN CHOPS. .tender tasty. Lb. .55$ VEAL ROASTS. lean . . per Lb. . 45d OO-T/’T'N’T ' TT-p lL-L iW -_I .U Ö iiii'jxx. O .cello pkgs. .per lb.39$ q’T- • C ATTt QU. — j.; ¡jnU ,. Burn1 s . per Lb . 5% On Monday, July 25th, a large enthusiastic audience was on hand at the monument to witness the unveiling of the irrigation Plaque commemorating the start of Canada's fest large-scale irrigation scheme in 1901. The unveiling was performed by William Hamilton of Lethbridge, the last remaining survivor of the opening of the headgates of that first system. Prof. M, A. Long of Edmonton presented the tablet for unveiling. Speeches were presented by the Hon. L. C, Halmrast, Minister of Agriculturef Mr. 'Long, C. S. Matkin, local Chamber of Com­merce representative, Mayor E, P. Tanner, P, M, Sauder, director of the St, Mary's- Milk Rivers Development. The plaque was erected by the Federal Dept, of Northern Affairs and Nation Resources on the recom­mendation of the historic sites and monuments board of Canada. A parade followed the ceremony despite the drizzle and rain, with the following prizes being awarded: BEST MUSICAL FLOATS - First - Robinson, Hamilton and Ririe Band- <•3, CO, Second - CfG.T.T, • ?%<)% EEC' ' - NOVRLL'Y ENTRANT - Douglas Bly and Co. $5.00 PARADES BEST ENTRY - Tied - 2nd Ward M.I.A. and Rod and Gun. U5.00.DEC0RATED CAR - Alberta Canning Co. 35*00. DECORaTED BICYCLE - TIED FOR FIRST - Gaary Robinson and Doug Whitehead - $1.50, Second- Douglas Deglow - $1,00, Third - Dennis Harrison of Rnymond- 50$. ^ITCHES SADDLE HORSES: Charles Harker and Earl Harker - ‘>3.00. BEST NATIONALITY DESPLAY - 2nd Ward Relief Spciety -$5.00, CHILDRENS ENTRY - Mr. and Mrs. Slack-in-the Pants (Janie Bennett and Joan Christensen) f'1-.d with tho Pioneer Group for first-$1.50 2nd - Betty Caldwell $1,00, Brook Harker 50$. A Pioneer Birthday Program took place in the Assembly Hall with Jay Hamilton acting as Master of Ceremonies.for the following program: Band Number by the Scotchish Kilted Army, Navy and Airforce band of Lethbridge, Opening prayer by M. Elmer Ririe. Address of Welcome - Mayor Tanner. Accordian Solo- Margaret Ann Blumel. Talk on Pioneer Days - Myrtle Passey. Two square dance numbers by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gibb, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Ollen Henderson and Mr. and Mrs, Willie Wocknitz. Vocal Selection - Ladies Chorus accompanied by Mrs, Vinessa Hamilt­on. Two tap dancing numbers by Southern Alberta’s Rodeo Queen, Miss Connie Ivans accompanied by Rondo Robinson on the piano. The, army. Navy and Airforce Band presented another band number. Closing prayer - Bert Gibb. God Save the Queen concluded the fine program. Dinner was served down stairs by the Primary Organization. Afternoon sports were rained out with the exception of the Bingham Trophy Race and the Farmers Derby. Mahlon Bourne captured first place in the Trophy race and was presented with the Bingham Trophy by Tom Bingham. Mahlon becomes permanent holder of the trophy having won the event three sucessive times with the same horse. T. Navratil was second and Ervin Hovey third. In the Farmers Derby Mel Depew of Raymond was first, Mahlon Bourne, second. The Montana Hill Billies Belles along with a Magician show entertained in the Assembly Hall following the races. The I celebration was climaxed with two dances i in the evening, a Western Jamboree with Gordon Dudley as M.C, in the High School, a modern dance in the Assembly Hall. Teddy Greenwood of Carmarant, Manitoba and his mother, Mrs. Edith Gilchrist of Breton, Alberta, visited his grandfather, Mr. Joe Greenwood, a patient in the local hospital.