Magrath Store News (April 24, 1959)

An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content. PHONES: . OFFICE 21 GROCERÍ5^ 364 DRÏ GOODS 124 ' HARDWARE 34 Friday, April 24th, 1959 «.*. . .Mhgrath, Alberta« FRESH SUPPLY Write...

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Main Author: Magrath Trading Store
Format: Journal/Newspaper
Published: J. A. Ririe 1959
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Summary:An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News. The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content. PHONES: . OFFICE 21 GROCERÍ5^ 364 DRÏ GOODS 124 ' HARDWARE 34 Friday, April 24th, 1959 «.*. . .Mhgrath, Alberta« FRESH SUPPLY Write Cotton Kit T Shirts ftor Men. Phncy ktn.t. SPRING SPECIAL IDEAL FOR SPRING AND SUMMER WEAR . PIAYTEX PANTY 'GIRDLES. Ph de from Plast­ic oOted fibre. REGULAR $4.95 HARDWARE have a good supply of bulbs MAKE THE ' MLfiRATH HEADING COMPANY YOUR ■ SHOPPING HEADQUARTERS THIS SPRING,»' • SAWS TIME AND MCNEY BY DOING YOUR PURCHASING AT HOME - IN YOUR TOWN --- --- ________________4-,^__ : SCATTER RUGS : Handsome Axminter Pngs, PlOTnl ' p therm. (SOUSES;' Grey, R VISCOSE & ACETATE BLEND, Very ’papUar for Spring worn. Light,' yet crmooit • able. Rcryl’with Black, Whte With Black. Both hive' Gold Metalic Thread ^•*(250 UTEX SPORT JACKETS. Black and White rheck jackets styled from handseme fabric, trrm. Very neat and sporty. Tl£). TONE JACKETS: Have dmrt ' lapels end in a 4 button closing. Contrast black and wüte oheclkt Slash prrketi-i. Black on winning a FAMIY SIZE IS FT.ALHED AT $55). - coupon attached io your Jeans and mil it to the named address. that is I CHECKED SPORT JACKETS Black ’ and white aheckid jackets* sateen ' Lined. Gathered wast band. Orf^cd sCLeettes, Light and comeOriaLe. FIRST GOW : "'Wat do you. think of the new fern hand?" SECOND COW: ”1 think he’s an awful jerk". N -> per yard» ydw OfJ, C U R TA IN MAT ERIA L S j white nylon mhujihlsette with oolared rose design, 'frcjafcod floral pattern and frosted scalloped bcarder’s. ' QQ/' COLOIRJ: Ro^e, Geld or Green roses . 42" wide ”3'0 V YELLOW OR BLUE DOTTED MATRQUSETTE - pretty white frosted rose design in "aUl ever" pattern. 42" wide - i~ ARNEL« A beautiful DRESS FABRIC that is tOrush resistant, tear resistant, launders be?.utiflulILy. ' Q A Green Pasley design .‘ ' DRESS SATEEN : WinkLe shed' DRESS FABRIC in beauuifuL shades of greena So right for your dresses POLISHED COTTON : One of the Seasons mcot popTn-r dress fabi^cs. Givee'the appearance of satin. Cotor:fUl designs and patterns. gg A per yd. PAMPERED COTTON : PojpHlar ' because of iVs woiktderfuL laundering qinaities, needs very little' iatning' A Wde seioction of odors and patterns. /y° TO BORDER . PRINTS : Ideal for those popular gathered and circle skirts as well as curtains, soene pictures ' even piioow slips. 29 A WIDE SELECTION OF DESHINS AND COLORS 1J9 AJfD per yard. SOUVENIER SCARVES large squares of beauuifuL silk with hand painted SouveWer designs, "Canada" and "Mgrath" inscribed,. SIZE: 34- x 34. COLURTj White, Pink, Blue, | 39 Green and Yelow«'>. . 1 Ms. Grace Toomr returned Sunday from Regina where she has spent the past two weeks visitng her mother Mr, Moris Who is seriously -LL in a Regina Hospital. Ms. CoonnLe Hudson Was guest of honor Friday evening at the scgU/as monthly meet­ing of the Ladles HospitaL ATudliary held at the home of Mrs, Ifiry Nison with 16 mernmers and guests present. Following the business meeting Ms# Hudson was presented With a number of Lovely hankies from her assembled friends. Tisty refreslments were enjoyed by aLL. Mrs. Hudson accompanied by her brother-in-LOw M. Trank Alen, wil Leave Thursday, May 7th by air for the British IsLes Were they plan a three month visit. HUDSON BAY BLANKETS 100$ PURE WOOL - our mcot Insurious textured and richest qTuaity. Extremely warn, ideal for out­door trips. A VERY POPULAR WEDDING GIFT ITEM. 3i POINT BLANKETS (Multi stripe) - /[ /j ^0 4 POINT BIANKETS - Sunshine Yellow, Wth Gold stripe, Ocotal with Dirk Comal stripe, Red with bLack stripe. An executive meeting of the Local Rod and Gun Club was held at the Darning Factory Mnckay evening with President Grth Coleman in the chair. A resdution was passed whereby the Junior Fish Derby w-LL, be d-poontinued. ATT . Juniors to 16 years of age wil be able to buy a membberSup in the Rod and Cun Club for $1.00 with fuLL dub priviLedges. Rod and Gun Eanacitiive. Bte Spring muting of the St. Miry's Dictriot Beel»!! League was held in the Town MH Monday night with representatives from Carlston, Del BohTfea, WeHing. Spring, Raymond and Magath present and League Coombssioner Bob Wwljo in the choi1’ Plan* for the f,or■hiomteg League season were drawn up» Mfegrth wtll be finding teams in LCttle League* Pony League and Juvenile divisors this season« There will be at least two games C1 Hflg:rlth each Ssturd^ and toe League will get u^ot ^y Mturday, May 2nd. It wil be appreciated if anyone Cetgrgsted (parents or otherwise) tn helping to ’ sponsor manage, ooach dr umitrg in these leagues would contact any member of the M.A.A - .A. exec­utive* MA*A*A* per J. Cook« WANED x (Caterer for the coming season at the GoOf C toure* G 15 oz 6 Cream Corn 15 oz , 6 Pork and Beans .GOODNESS MS. 15 oz 8 Cat Croon Boans ♦15 oz 5 Mazda OI >32 oz Koo! Aid 5 FRESH PRODUC GRAPEFRUIT.j®YREDs.4 CELERY HEARTS. GREEN ONIONS 0 RADISHES. CABBAGE PARSNIPS TURNIPS.z. LICORICE ALLSORTS California New Cello 22 3 for 590 890 for 990 fcr 890 far 990 for 990 89/ for 270 for 450 .each 330 bunches 250 Lbs 290 290 23 0 pkgs. 250 MTORTOT MOTOCEs The Second. Ward Relief Society -s hdjding a saLe of used nothing nedt Wecdnesdiy., ApriL 2£tii after Relief iBcwiety. If you teve anything that is no Long’’ er usefuL to you but woiuLd be to someone dsey please get in touch with one of the presidency. Your contributions wiLL be appreciated» Second Ward Reeief Stoiiety Presidency.